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Fly Geyser, Gerlach, Nevada
Photo courtesy of Piyush Bakane, Geothermal Resources Council Photo Contest 2019, Fly Geyser, Gerlach, Nevada

Through the Geothermal Design Challenge™, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) inspires students to develop innovative solutions for geothermal energy application challenges. The competition also helps students develop career skills as they prepare to enter the clean energy workforce. Through engagement with students not traditionally involved with geothermal, GTO aims to raise awareness of geothermal resources to communities and the public, thereby broadening the geothermal stakeholder base.

The Fall 2020 student competition focuses on infographic development and data visualization and welcomes a broad spectrum of disciplines. The goal is to foster understanding of geothermal, to communicate the benefits of geothermal energy technologies more broadly, and ultimately to overcome key non-technical barriers to geothermal development.

More details on competition progress, official rules, and registeration will be available soon.

Below are themes from past competitions.

The Geothermal Design Challenge is administered for DOE by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Contact with questions.

Geothermal Design Challenge 2020