The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO) researches, develops, and demonstrates next-generation materials and manufacturing technologies needed to increase U.S. industrial competitiveness and to drive economy-wide decarbonization.

AMMTO supports the national plan to revitalize American manufacturing, secure critical supply chains, and develop diverse innovation ecosystems leading to new manufacturing jobs and increased economic strength of the nation.

AMMTO provides planning, management, and direction necessary for a balanced program of research, development, demonstration, technical assistance, and workforce development to support domestic manufacturing that is critical to achieving a clean, decarbonized economy.

AMMTO resides in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy within DOE’s Under Secretary for Science and Innovation. AMMTO reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency.

What we do

How We Do It

AMMTO funds research, development, & demonstration (RD&D) projects across several subprograms that drive economy-wide decarbonization. A list AMMTO-funded projects can be found in the Project Database.

Funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are developed through a collaborative process to achieve the office's goals. Adhering to an open, highly competitive solicitation process, these funding opportunities encourage collaborative partnerships among industries; universities; national laboratories; federal, state, and local governments; and nongovernment organizations. 

FOA applications undergo a rigorous peer review process before projects are selected for negotiation to receive DOE funding. Upon the successful completion of this negotiation process, including collaboration on a statement of project objectives, milestones, and budgets, projects can begin.

In addition to FOAs, AMMTO participates in a variety of cross-office programs. This includes prizes and challenges to encourage the development of a competitive domestic energy manufacturing base.

Finally, AMMTO sponsors a series of RD&D consortia. These consortia help coordinate applied RD&D across the public and private sector around high-priority technology areas that support AMMTO's vision & mission.