AMMTO advances manufacturing research, development, and demonstrations (RD&D) for key energy system-enabling technologies such as semiconductors and batteries.  It also more broadly advances the manufacturing enterprise for energy technologies and materials by investing in education and workforce development and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

What are AMMTO’s Energy Technology Manufacturing and Workforce focus areas?

Energy Technology Manufacturing

AMMTO invests in manufacturing innovations for key energy system-enabling technologies to improve performance, improve lifecycle energy efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, and accelerate market deployment.

Energy storage is needed in a range of settings, from electric vehicles to the electric grid to manufacturing facilities. AMMTO funds manufacturing RD&D for stationary and mobile energy storage technologies, such as solid-state lithium and flow batteries, and strengthens public-private collaboration across industrial, research, and academic stakeholders.

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Power electronics are critical components for an electrifying economy. AMMTO supports domestic manufacturing through RD&D investments into advanced and energy efficient power electronics, including for high-voltage applications.

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The spread of digitization and electrification is driving up global energy consumption by microelectronics and computing resources.  In response, AMMTO is leading the Energy Efficiency Scaling for 2 Decades (EES2) initiative to increase the energy efficiency of microelectronics by a factor of 1000 in the next 20 years. Aligned with this pledge, AMMTO supports RD&D for the manufacturing of energy efficient microelectronics.   

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Education and Workforce Development

Education and workforce development is a core element in AMMTO’s mission to foster a robust future of advanced manufacturing in the energy economy. AMMTO collaborates with industry, labor, and academia to develop programs and initiatives to accelerate and enlarge the pipeline of well-trained, diverse workers with desirable career paths in the manufacturing sector. AMMTO also works to scale up the deployment of successful hands-on/experiential training programs and initiatives.

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Innovation Ecosystems

AMMTO catalyzes innovation ecosystems that bring together public and private stakeholders to address key barriers to advancing manufacturing innovation, business models, and market development. AMMTO cultivates entrepreneurial talent, facilitates access to lab resources and funding, connects developers and customers, and supports technical collaboration across industries. For example, AMMTO’s Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program connects manufacturing entrepreneurs to funding and national lab resources.

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