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Vision and Strategy

The following are the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) critical minerals and materials vision and strategies.


Reliable, resilient, affordable, diverse, sustainable, and secure domestic critical mineral and materials supply chains that support the clean energy transition and decarbonization of the energy, manufacturing, and transportation economies while promoting safe, sustainable, economic, and environmentally just solutions to meet current and future needs. 



Five pillars labeled diversify and expand supply, develop alternatives, material & manufacturing efficiency, circular economy, and enabling activities. Arrows overlap all five labeled education & workforce development, and basic science and applied RDD&D
  • Diversify & Expand Supply: Diversify and expand supplies of critical minerals and materials from varying sources while minimizing waste and increasing techno-economic coproduction of materials. Coproduction refers to cases where many materials are produced together, each bringing in similar revenues rather than one material accounting for an overwhelming majority of revenue.
  • Develop Alternatives: Innovate alternative materials and/or manufacturing components.
  • Materials and Manufacturing Efficiency: Use and process materials efficiently across the entire supply chain and lifecycle.
  • Circular Economy: Remanufacture, refurbish, repair, reuse, recycle, and repurpose.
  • Enabling Activities: Cross-cutting functions, such as criticality assessments, stockpiling, advanced theoretical, computational, and experimental tools.

DOE Critical Minerals & Materials Strategies and Assessments

2023 Assessment

2021 Strategy

2019 Strategy and Assessment

2011 Strategy and Assessment:

2010 Strategy and Assessment: