Our energy infrastructure is vulnerable to a variety of natural and manmade threats and hazards. Across the nation, state and local officials are partnering with owners and operators to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to critical energy infrastructure and safeguard public safety through energy security planning.

Energy security planning ensures a reliable and resilient supply of energy through efforts to identify, assess, and mitigate risks to energy infrastructure and to prepare for, respond to, and recover from events that disrupt energy supply. State energy security plans (SESP) are an essential part of states' energy security planning and describe their energy landscape, people, processes, and energy resilience strategy. The plans detail how a state, working with energy partners, can secure its energy infrastructure against physical and cybersecurity threats; mitigate the risk of disruptions; enhance the response to and recovery from energy disruptions; and ensure that the state has secure, reliable, and resilient energy infrastructure.


State and Regional Energy Risk Profiles
The profiles show natural and man-made hazards to energy infrastructure, as well as the frequency and magnitude of their impacts.
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State Energy Security Plan (SESP) Resources
Includes guidance on how states can meet plan provisions and resources for states to “drop-in” to their energy security plans and customize as needed.
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Energy Emergency Assurance Coordinators (EEAC) Program
The EEAC Program is a cooperative effort between CESER, NASEO, NARUC, NGA, and NEMA to enable communications and coordination leading up to and during an energy emergency.
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DOE Energy Emergency Response Playbook
The playbook provides states and territories with a framework, guidance and templates to aid in the development of their response plans.
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Assessment of Capabilities in Energy Security (ACES) Tool
ACES is a self-assessment tool that guides a comprehensive evaluation of existing energy security and emergency response capabilities.
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Energy Security and Resilience Learning Series
These “how it works” resources provide foundational overviews of the energy sector. 
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