CESER developed resources that states can incorporate into their state energy security plans or use as references. These optional resources are intended to reduce the burden of updating plans. They range from boilerplate language (e.g. federal authorities) to instructional guidance (e.g. how to create a state energy profile).

Resource Description
2023 State Energy Security Plan Progress Form A checklist for states and territories to use for self-reporting progress made since the submission of their plans in 2022.
State Energy Security Plans FAQ Frequently asked questions about 2023 State Energy Security Plan (SESP) submissions and reviews.
State Energy Security Plan Guidance DOE State Energy Security Plan (SESP) guidance, example framework and language from Section 40108 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)
Federal Authorities Outlines federal government agencies involved in energy security and emergency response as well as their roles.
Cross-Sector Interdependency Diagrams Shows key dependencies and interdependencies between energy and other critical sectors.
Energy Supply Chain Diagrams Depicts the electricity, liquid fuels, propane and natural gas supply chains.
Energy Risk Mitigation Measures Presents an initial inventory of potential risk mitigation measures for energy infrastructure.
IT/OT and Cyber Threat Overview Provides an overview of energy-specific IT/OT vulnerabilities and cyber threats.
State Cybersecurity Conversation Guidance Provides recommendations to State Energy Officials for Cyber-Focused Energy Security Planning.
Energy Emergency Assurance Coordinators (EEAC) Program Outlines the purpose and history of DOE's EEAC Program and how states can sign up.
State Energy Profile Outline Contains an outline for the state energy profile section of a state energy security plan. The profiles catalog key energy infrastructure and graph energy supply and demand.
State Energy Security Action List Provides a check list of short- and long-term actions for state officials to strengthen their energy security programming.