The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management uses three prime contractors to conduct its major cleanup projects at the site. These companies include URS|CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR), North Wind Solutions LLC, and Isotek Systems LLC.

UCOR is the Department of Energy's primary cleanup contractor for the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation, primarily focused on cleanup of East Tennessee Technology Park (the former Oak Ridge K-25 Site). UCOR is also engaged in cleanup and waste management activities at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex. UCOR is a partnership of URS and CH2M HILL, and its team subcontractor Restoration Services, Inc. is one of Oak Ridge's most successful woman-owned small businesses. 

North Wind Solutions, LLC is a Small Business Administration Certified 8(a) small business headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In Oak Ridge, North Wind Solutions operates the Transuranic Waste Processing Center for the Environmental Management (EM) program. The company is responsible for safely and compliantly operating the facility to support the processing of EM’s legacy transuranic waste. This entails performing surveillance and maintenance activities, providing support to the Central Characterization Project for final certification and disposition of transuranic soil and debris waste, and processing Remote Handled /Contact Handled transuranic waste originating from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Isotek is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atkins. The company’s principal mission in Oak Ridge is the disposition of the Department’s inventory of Uranium-233 from Building 3019, the world’s oldest operating nuclear facility, which is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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