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January 19, 2021
Banner image for January 2021 Job Fair
NNSA hosting virtual job fair for Nuclear Security Enterprise on January 27
NNSA will host a virtual job fair for the Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE) this week on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
January 14, 2021
NNSA releases 2020 performance evaluation summaries for contractors that run its labs, plants, and sites
NNSA announced FY 2020 Performance Evaluation Summaries on the effectiveness of its Managing and Operating partners
January 13, 2021
A collage of images showing careers at NNSA and in the Nuclear Security Enterprise.
The Nuclear Security Enterprise is Hiring!
DOE/NNSA will host a virtual hiring event Wednesday, January 27, 2021, from 10 am - 4 pm EDT.
January 12, 2021
United States, Canada complete nuclear material shipping campaign
NNSA and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited announced the completion of campaign to repatriate 161 kilograms of highly enriched uranium target residue.
December 28, 2020
NNSA’s annual Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan delivered to Congress
Report provides an integrated picture of Nuclear Security Enterprise activities and capabilities
December 22, 2020
Bell 412 Over Las Vegas
NNSA to conduct aerial radiation assessment survey over Las Vegas Strip Dec. 29 and 31
NNSA will conduct low-altitude flights over the Las Vegas Strip and its surrounding areas Dec. 29 and 31 to measure natural background radiation.
December 21, 2020
NNSA successfully removes radioactive samples from Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute
The NNSA, in close cooperation with the state of New Mexico, successfully retrieved, packaged, and transported a total of 50 samples to LANL.
December 16, 2020
NNSA issues Notice of Intent to prepare Environmental Impact Statement for Surplus Plutonium Disposition Program
NNSA issued a Notice of Intent in the Federal Register Dec. 16 to prepare an EIS for the Surplus Plutonium Disposition Program.
December 9, 2020
Leaders from the Pantex Plant, Consolidated Nuclear Security, and NNSA broke ground on the High Explosive Science and Engineering Dec. 8.
Pantex breaks ground for High Explosive Science and Engineering facility
NNSA marked an infrastructure modernization milestone with an internal groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction
December 2, 2020
Department of Energy to provide $9 million for research on High Energy Density Plasmas
DOE Office of Science and NNSA jointly announce plan to provide up to $9 million for work related to High-Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
November 6, 2020
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty resigns as NNSA Administrator
Lisa E. Gorgon-Hagerty has resigned as Administrator of the NNSA.
October 30, 2020
The UPF Project places the last piece of structural steel on the Salvage and Accountability Building (SAB) during an Oct. 26 “topping out” ceremony.
Topping out ceremony marks major milestone for the Uranium Processing Facility project
The Uranium Processing Facility team at Y-12 National Security Complex celebrated the topping out of its Salvage and Accountability Building.
October 29, 2020
NNSA's Aerial Measuring System (AMS) provides specialized airborne radiation detection systems for measuring contamination.
Residents may see low-altitude aircraft near downtown and the National Mall over the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 1
Residents may see low-altitude aircraft near downtown Washington, D.C., and the National Mall over the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 1
October 21, 2020
NNSA Administrator hosts Department of Defense officials in Texas
Administrator Gordon-Hagerty takes Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment and Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy on tour
October 19, 2020
NNSA establishes partnership to accelerate key artificial intelligence computing initiatives
NNSA, LLNL, LANL establishes strategic partnership agreement with SambaNova Systems to accelerate artificial intelligence computing initiatives
October 19, 2020
NNSA to conduct aerial radiation measurements over Washington, D.C.
Residents may see low-altitude aircraft near downtown and the National Mall
October 16, 2020
Dr. Brent Park, NNSA’s Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Richard Sexton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited show the signed agreement.
U.S. and Canada sign memorandum of understanding on safeguards and nonproliferation
The United States and Canada have signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance collaboration in the areas of nuclear safety and security.
October 15, 2020
NNSA Administrator visits Naval Nuclear Laboratory sites
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty visited two sites within the Naval Nuclear Laboratory Enterprise.
October 14, 2020
NNSA Administrator visits Kansas City National Security Campus
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty continued her tour of the Nuclear Security Enterprise, visiting the Kansas City National Security Campus on Oct. 13.
October 8, 2020
NNSA Administrator releases statement on 2020 Nobel Prize winner in physics
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty issued a statement on the winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics, Dr. Andrea Ghez.
October 6, 2020
NNSA Administrator visits U.S. Strategic Command
Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty visited the headquarters of U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska.
October 1, 2020
NNSA announces selection of Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program Centers of Excellence
NNSA has selected nine new Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program III Centers to support science-based modeling and simulation.
October 1, 2020
Keeping with COVID-19 protocols, NNSA Administrator Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty elbow-bumps Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Dr. Bill Goldstein during her visit to the Lab.
NNSA Administrator journeys to California as part of Nuclear Security Enterprise tour
This week Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty met with employees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories’ California campus.
September 30, 2020
NNSA Administrator visits new SPEAR facility at Sandia/California
NNSA Administrator Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty toured a new facility at Sandia National Laboratories’ California campus.