November 28, 2022

NNSA partner NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes completes construction and equipment installation for new molybdenum-99 production facility

Once approved by regulators, the new facility will significantly increase domestic production capability for isotope used to fight heart disease and cancer

November 18, 2022

NNSA and its partners complete first full-scale, international mobile nuclear facility exercise

NNSA partnered with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) to exercise two rapid response capabilities critical to national security: the Mobile Uranium and Mobile Plutonium Facilities.

November 10, 2022

U.S. and Japan strengthen nuclear security ties at 11th Nuclear Security Working Group

The U.S.-Japan Nuclear Security Working Group convened for its 11th meeting this week in Tokyo.

November 7, 2022

NNSA publishes Draft Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Draft LLNL SWEIS analyzes potential environmental impacts of reasonable alternatives for continuing operations at the laboratory for approximately the next 15 years

October 27, 2022

NNSA to implement key activities supporting President Biden's 2022 Nuclear Posture Review

Strategy document outlines Administration's vision for nuclear security

October 18, 2022

NNSA Principal Deputy Administrator visits Tajikistan

NNSA Principal Deputy Administrator Rose Praises Strong U.S.-Tajikistan Partnership on Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation

October 14, 2022

Top NNSA Leaders Visit Kazakhstan, Discuss Continued Security, Nuclear Nonproliferation Cooperation

NNSA Administrator and Principal Deputy Administrator Praise U.S.-Kazakhstan Collaboration on Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation

October 3, 2022

NNSA announces contract extension to Consolidated Nuclear Security for the management and operation of the Y-12 National Security Complex and the Pantex Plant

The NNSA announced today that it has awarded a contract extension to Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC for the management and operation of the Y-12 National Security Complex (Y-12) and Pantex Plant.

September 27, 2022

NNSA and Japan commit to convert Japan’s last research reactor that uses highly enriched uranium

NNSA and Japan agree to convert the Kindai University Teaching and Research Reactor (UTR-KINKI) from highly enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium fuel and to return all HEU to the United States.

September 26, 2022

NNSA awards $14 million for materials research at Case Western Reserve University

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration is awarding a $14 million grant to Case Western Reserve University to establish a Center of Excellence in lifetime extension research and materials science.