A document that DOE prepares in accordance with DOE NEPA regulations (10 CFR 1021.314(c)) to determine whether a supplemental or new EIS should be prepared pursuant to CEQ NEPA regulations (40 CFR 1502.9(c)).

Note: To view additional SAs issued by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), please visit the following webpage: https://www.bpa.gov/efw/Analysis/NEPADocuments/Pages/default.aspx. For example, SAs issued for BPA’s Transmission System Vegetation Management Program EIS (DOE/EIS-0285) may be found under “Program Reviews,” then “Transmission System Vegetation Management Program….”

January 17, 2019

EIS-0391-SA-02: Supplement Analysis

Provides an analysis of the direct-feed low-activity waste approach relative to the analysis in the Tank Closure and Waste Management EIS

September 4, 2018

EIS-0387-SA-03: Supplement Analysis


August 31, 2018

DOE/EIS-0236-S4-SA-01: Supplement Analysis

Removal of One Metric Ton of Plutonium from the State of South Carolina to Nevada, Texas, and New Mexico

August 8, 2018

EIS-0225-SA-06: Supplement Analysis

Continued Operation of the Pantex Plant and Associated Storage of Nuclear Weapon Components