A document that DOE prepares in accordance with DOE NEPA regulations (10 CFR 1021.314(c)) to determine whether a supplemental or new EIS should be prepared pursuant to CEQ NEPA regulations (40 CFR 1502.9(c)).

Note: To view additional SAs issued by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), please visit the following webpage: https://www.bpa.gov/efw/Analysis/NEPADocuments/Pages/default.aspx. For example, SAs issued for BPA’s Transmission System Vegetation Management Program EIS (DOE/EIS-0285) may be found under “Program Reviews,” then “Transmission System Vegetation Management Program….”

August 30, 2016

EIS-0425: Supplement Analysis (SA-06)

Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Program Final EIS; Early Winters 3 Acclimation Ponds

May 11, 2016

EIS-0380-SA-03: Supplement Analysis

Proposal to Implement Facility Modifications to Maintain Safe Handling and Storage, and to Conduct Processing Studies of 60 Transuranic Remediated Nitrate Salt Waste Drums at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico

May 2, 2016

EIS-0387-SA-01: Supplement Analysis

Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement for the Y-12 National Security Complex

February 22, 2016

EA-1534-SA-01: Supplement Analysis

Proposed Use of a Tritium Gas Target at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility; Newport News, VA