March 26, 2021

DOE/EIS-0442: Record of Decision

Record of Decision for DOE/EIS-0442 on WAPA vegetation management along transmission line ROWs on National Forest System lands in CO, UT, NE.

March 8, 2021

DOE/EIS-0283-S2: NNSA Amended Record of Decision (March 2021)

NNSA Amended ROD for Fast Critical Assembly plutonium disposition (Surplus Plutonium Disposition SEIS (DOE/EIS-0283-S2)).

November 5, 2020

DOE/EIS-0402: Record of Decision (Groundwater)

Based on DOE/EIS-0402, decision to initiate groundwater remediation in Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL).

November 5, 2020

DOE/EIS-0236-S4: Amended Record of Decision (November 2020)

NNSA announces its programmatic decision to implement elements of a Modified Distributed Centers of Excellence Alternative whereby NNSA would ....