4 Nuclear Energy Storylines to Watch in 2024
January 16, 2024
Four of the biggest stories to watch in the U.S. nuclear sector in 2024.
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10 Big Wins for Nuclear Energy in 2023
December 27, 2023
10 big successes helping nuclear energy get its swagger back.
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7 Moments in December that Changed Nuclear Energy History
December 20, 2023
From fission to fusion, these 7 moments made in nuclear history in the month of December.
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3 Microreactor Experiments to Watch Starting in 2026
December 13, 2023
Experiments in world's first microreactor DOME test bed could start as early as 2026 at Idaho National Laboratory.
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Nuclear Milestones

Fuel Fabrication Starts for MARVEL Microreactor
February 7, 2024
TRIGA International starts fabricating fuel for MARVEL microreactor project.
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Kairos Power Starts Operation of First Molten Salt System
January 10, 2024
ETU-1 is the largest FLiBe molten salt system ever built.
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NRC Approves Construction for Hermes Reactor
December 12, 2023
NRC approves first construction permit application for Generation IV reactor.
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Idaho National Laboratory Makes Commercial Grade HALEU Fuel for Testing
November 21, 2023
HALEU fuel pellets to be used in testing of GE's advanced cladding concept.
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Press Releases

DOE Announces Next Steps to Build Domestic Uranium Supply for Advanced Nuclear Reactors As Part of President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda
New Request for Proposals to Establish Domestic Supply Chain of High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium Required for Smaller, More Versatile Reactors Will Increase Energy Security and Strengthen U.S. Competitiveness
January 9, 2024
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GAIN Vouchers Awarded to Accelerate 7 Advanced Nuclear Technologies
The Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) announced that seven companies will be provided vouchers to accelerate the innovation and application of advanced nuclear technologies through the U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories.
December 19, 2023
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At COP28, U.S., Canada, France, Japan, and UK Announce Plans to Mobilize $4.2 Billion for Reliable Global Nuclear Energy Supply Chain
Investments Will Enhance Uranium Enrichment and Conversion Capacity Over the Next Three Years and Establish a Resilient Global Uranium Supply Market Free From Russian Influence
December 7, 2023
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DOE Announces $7 Million to Enhance University Nuclear Programs
Funding opportunities to support infrastructure upgrades and new reactor sharing program.
December 6, 2023
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