This report provides evaluations of the nuclear power plant (NPP) site infrastructure and near-site transportation infrastructure for removing spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from 16 NPP sites. This report is a 2021 update of the 2017 report. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) intends to expand the report in the future as site evaluations of additional NPP sites are completed and to update information on sites previously evaluated.

The evaluation was divided into four components: (1) characterizing the spent nuclear fuel inventory, (2) describing the on-site infrastructure, (3) evaluating the near-site transportation infrastructure and transportation experience, and (4) identifying future information needs.

All 16 sites were found to have at least one off-site transportation mode option for removing their SNF and GTCC waste, and some sites have multiple options. NPP site experience with shipping large equipment and components to and from the NPP sites provided an important source of information in identifying the off-site transportation mode options. DOE intends to continue conducting site evaluations of additional NPP sites and plans to eventually conduct evaluations for all NPP sites. For NPP sites previously evaluated, DOE plans to continue to update inventory and site condition information and imagery as it becomes available.