LPO transaction process

LPO provides loans and loan guarantees and is accepting applications under its four loan programs – the Innovative Clean Energy Loan Guarantee Program (Title 17), the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan programTribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program, Carbon Dioxide Transportation Infrastructure

The Title 17 Innovative Clean Energy Loan Guarantee Program offers loan guarantees to accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative energy technology. Eligible projects for the Title 17 program must:

  • Utilize a new or significantly improved technology; 
  • Avoid, reduce or sequester greenhouse gases; 
  • Be located in the United States; and,
  • Have a reasonable prospect of repayment. 

Innovative Clean EnergyInnovative Clean Energy: Fossil, and Innovative Clean Energy: Nuclear projects are eligible. Energy Infrastructure Reinvestment (EIR) will guarantee loans to projects that retool, repower, repurpose, or replace energy infrastructure that has ceased operations, or enable operating energy infrastructure to avoid, reduce, utilize, or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. 

The ATVM loan program provides direct loans for reequipping, expanding, or establishing manufacturing facilities in the U.S. that produce fuel-efficient advanced technology vehicles or qualifying components, or for engineering integration performed in the U.S. for advanced technology vehicles or qualifying components.

The Innovative Clean Energy Loan Guarantee Program provides loan guarantees for the deployment of advanced vehicles or transportation infrastructure that meet all eligibility requirements of the program.  

The Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program (TELGP) provides access to debt capital for federally recognized Indian tribes, Alaska Native Corporation, or Tribal Energy Development Organizations for energy development. 

Learn More About the Application Process

The video below describes the process of working with LPO from early engagement to loan maturity.

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Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

How To Begin

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact LPO for no-fee, no-commitment, pre-application consultations prior to submitting a formal application. Pre-application consultations allow potential applicants to begin a dialogue directly with LPO staff to help LPO learn more about the project and to help ensure that applicants fully understand DOE's requirements and processes. Request a pre-application consultation by emailing lpo@hq.doe.gov.

The video belows outlines what to expect from the pre-application consultaton process and how it benefits prospective borrowers. 

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What to Expect from Loan Programs Office Pre-Application Consultations
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

How To Apply

Projects that have engaged in pre-application consultations and are ready to proceed with a formal application should contact their LPO staff contact for instructions on how to access the online application portal. 

LPO’s Application Portal does not allow access from outside the United States.  If you are attempting to access the Application Portal from outside of the United States, please notify your LPO contact.  He/She will provide an alternative method for access.  If you do not have an LPO contact, send an email to LPO@hq.doe.gov requesting assistance. Thank you for your interest in LPO.