Held over a decade ago, presentations from the 2010 Long-Term Stewardship (LTS) Conference provide perspective on how long-term stewardship has changed over time. In many cases, applying lessons learned is what has driven changes in long-term stewardship, as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) continuously improves. While some of the material contained in the presentations is out of date, the lessons learned remain valid.

Below is a selection of 2010 LTS Conference presentations that include material relevant to lessons learned and observations.

Continuing Missions Sites

Stakeholder Interaction at Closed Sites

Stakeholder Perspectives Panel — Engaging the Community through Consultation, Coordination, and Communication

Regulatory Update

Lessons Learned from Large- and Small-Site Transitions

Partnerships with Native American Stakeholders

International Perspective

Sustainability and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Lessons Learned

Institutional Controls