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8/18/21 EPA

Engagement Opportunity on American Rescue Plan Funds for Enhancing Air Pollution Monitoring

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it will make $50 million in American Rescue Plan funding available to improve air quality monitoring in communities across the United States.

The latest set of funding builds on the agency's recent announcement of $50 million for environmental justice projects under the ARP, bringing the total to $100 million in EPA funding designated by Congress to address health outcome disparities from pollution and the COVID–19 pandemic.

The major components of the plan to enhance air community monitoring include a grants competition that will seek
proposals from community groups - and state, tribal, and local government air agencies; direct awards to air agencies for continuous monitoring of small particles (known as PM2.5 or soot) and other Clean Air Act pollutants; enhanced capacity for short-term community monitoring; and support to administer the funding.

To inform the upcoming $20 million grant competition, the agency is interested in obtaining insights and feedback until August 18. Comments may be submitted by email.