The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funds a wide variety of clean energy projects in an effort to assist tribes in realizing their energy visions. From 2010 through 2021, DOE's Office of Indian Energy has invested over $114 million in more than 200 tribal energy projects implemented across the contiguous 48 states and in Alaska. These projects, valued at nearly $200 million, are leveraged by over $80 million in recipient cost-share. Data on DOE tribal energy project awards by type and funding history is provided below and information on the projects funded can be found in our Projects Database.

For information on funding opportunities announcements and projects selections by year, see the Past Funding Opportunities page.

For information on funding prior to 2010 through DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's (EERE's) Tribal Energy Program, a predecessor of the DOE Office of Indian Energy, visit the  Archived Tribal Energy Project Funding History page.

"DOE Investment by Award Type" chart lists award types and then the dollar amount in millions followed by the percent of total investment. Deployment is $85.8 at 75%. Planning is $6.3 at 5%. Feasibility is $8.9 at 8%. Development is $13.8 at 12%. Total DOE investment is $114.8 at 100%.
Chart of investments by Fiscal Year in millions: FY2010 $13.35, FY2011 $5.60, FY2012 $3.87, FY2013 $0.00, FY2014 $7.70, FY2015 $4.69, FY2016 $15.85, FY2017 $10.89, FY2018 $10.95, FY2019 $23.50, FY2020 $7.84, FY2021 $10.54. Grand Total: $114.78.