Net-Zero Producers Forum Announces the Upstream Methane Abatement Toolkit

Washington DC – The “Upstream Methane Abatement Toolkit” is a resource developed by Net-Zero Producers Forum (NPF) member countries highlighting measures to date and lessons learned regarding the implementation of methane abatement technologies. NPF members will update the toolkit, adding new resources and revisiting the description of existing programs on an annual basis to show increasing action. This toolkit intends to highlight existing and planned methane abatement policies, resources, and initiatives across the member countries for the benefit of the group and for others who are interested in learning from our experiences with methane abatement, which is critical to ensuring we begin to slow and eventually reverse the impacts of climate change.    

The Department of Energy - the U.S. representative on the NPF Steering committee - worked with partners at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, and The State of California to develop the resources listed as our initial contribution to the toolbox. 

These tools are representative of some of the great work the administration and our state partners are doing, but are in no way comprehensive, and we will continue to submit tools for the toolbox.  


Our initial tools include: 

  1. State Department and Department of Commerce: Commercial Law Development Program - Methane Abatement for Oil & Gas – A Handbook for Policymakers (Document Linked Below)

For Further Information - 


  1. California’s Air Resources Board: State-level Methane Reduction Strategy (Document Linked Below)

For Further Information:,, 


  1. EPA: U.S. Methane Emissions Reduction Program (Document Linked Below)

For Further Information: Methane Emissions Reduction Program | US EPA 


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