For inquiries or more information about our Utility Open Houses and partnership opportunities, please contact Ethan Epstein.

The Utility Open Houses for Federal Customers initiative serves as a platform to unite utility companies and their federal customers, catalyzing projects focused on sustainability, efficiency, and resilience. 

Collaboration between federal agencies and utilities is both beneficial and essential to meet the goals outlined in Executive Order 14057 and navigate the evolving energy landscape.

What Are Utility Open Houses?

Utility Open Houses are events co-hosted by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and utilities. These gatherings provide federal agencies with insights into utility offerings and incentive programs, focusing on key pathways to achieving federal energy goals, including:

Goals of the Initiative: Shaping the Future Together

The goals outlined below aim to drive innovation in the federal and utility sector, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

For agencies:

  • Learn about programs available now and sign up.
  • Connect with utility account representatives and subject matter experts to schedule follow-up discussions or initiate a project.

For utilities:

  • Gain insight into the unique needs and challenges faced by federal agencies.
  • Showcase innovative utility solutions and increase federal participation in incentive programs.

For everyone:

  • Participate in a two-way exchange of insights, expertise, and best practices.
  • Actively engage in co-creating projects aligning with the goals of both federal agencies and utility partners.

Background and Drivers: The Landscape of Federal Energy Goals

In the pursuit of a sustainable and energy-efficient future, federal agencies face ambitious targets outlined in directives such as:

  • Executive Order 14057 (E.O. 14057): Commits federal agencies to lead by example in addressing the climate crisis, setting government-wide targets for greenhouse gas reductions, including 100% net zero buildings, zero emissions fleets, and carbon pollution-free electricity by 2030 and net-zero operations by 2050.
  • Energy Act of 2020: Establishes comprehensive energy policies to modernize and decarbonize the U.S. energy sector. The Act includes provisions that drive energy efficiency, enhance sustainability, and promote the adoption of renewable energy sources across federal facilities, including a requirement to use performance contracts like UESCs to implement 50% of life cycle cost effective measures. 
  • Climate Smart Buildings Initiative (CSBI): Requires agencies to establish emissions reductions targets and increase on-site clean electricity generation.  
  • Federal Building Performance Standard: Supports achieving net-zero emissions for federal buildings, including zero scope one emissions from on-site fossil fuel use in 30% federal buildings by 2030.

The Role of Utility Programs

Utilities play a pivotal role in helping federal agencies achieve these energy goals through:

  1. Facilitating Transition to Carbon Pollution-Free Energy: Offering clean energy procurement tariffs.
  2. Implementing Energy-Efficient Technologies: Providing resources, incentives, and expertise to drive adoption of advanced equipment and technologies.
  3. Ensuring Resilience: Offering services for enhancing resilience at federal sites under GSA Areawide contracts.  

Upcoming Open Houses

The 2024 event calendar has not been released. Event information will be posted here when available. Please stay tuned for FEMP training announcements and FEMP Digest articles containing more information.

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For inquiries or more information about our Utility Open Houses and partnership opportunities, please contact Ethan Epstein, FEMP Program Manager.

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