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The Federal Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Steering Committee shares experiences and lessons learned and coordinates process and procedural improvements among federal agency implementers to promote improved ESPCs throughout the federal government. This includes:

  • Discussing practical application of the ESPC authority to identify problems, barriers to the efficient and effective application of ESPC authority, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Reviewing current policies, regulations, and procedures for the implementation of the ESPC authority in light of practical or best applications and recommending changes that could improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and results of the program.
  • Formally adopting recommended procedural changes through updates to U.S. Department of Energy ESPC guidance documents.


Co-chaired by the Federal Energy Management Program and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Federal ESPC Steering Committee is comprised of federal agencies that use ESPCs.


The Federal ESPC Steering Committee meets biannually to discuss ESPC program updates, policy, share agency-wide practices, and business.

Contact Tatiana Strajnic to be added to the committee's email list.