The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides information about energy-efficient products and energy-saving technologies that can help agencies meet federal energy-efficient product purchasing requirements.

Five legal authorities require agencies to procure energy-efficient products. By procuring and properly installing energy- and water-efficient products, agencies can meet their federal efficiency program requirements, reduce energy and water consumption, and save money.

Energy-Efficient Product Search
Sortable, searchable table displays energy-efficient products that are well suited for federal applications.
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Low Standby Power
Acquisition guidance to help agencies identify low standby power products that meet federal purchasing requirements.
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Product Efficiency Programs
Offers details about four federal programs that specify products as energy- or water-efficient.
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Contract Language
Describes guidance on required procurement contract language for federal agency purchases of energy-consuming products.
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Energy-Efficient Product Procurement Training for Federal Agencies
Short-form training videos highlight the various aspects of energy-efficient product procurement.
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Solid-State Lighting
Describes indoor and outdoor solid-state lighting solutions that can reduce lighting energy use.
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Case Studies
Browse case studies of successful federal projects.
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