If you want to propose a new product category to be designated by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), send the following information to FEMP.

  1. The product category you would like FEMP to consider.

  2. An industry-recognized standard test procedure that determines annual energy consumption (including standby energy consumption) for products within the category. The same test procedure should be used for all products in the category to allow buyers and FEMP to compare product efficiencies.

  3. An outside data source that provides annual energy consumption information for all products sold in the United States within the category, as tested by the standard procedure. The data source can be any publicly available information, such as a database that lists information on annual energy consumption or a product specification sheet that includes energy-efficiency information.

  4. Data covering the installed base of a particular product category or the annual number of products purchased within that category in the federal sector. If you are estimating product purchase volumes in the federal sector, provide estimate background information so FEMP can determine the significance of a proposed product category relative to currently covered product categories.

FEMP will use this information to determine whether a new product category is needed. The new product category will include all products within the category sold in the United States (not just products manufactured by a particular company).

If you can’t gather all the information listed above, you can provide FEMP with any data or information that suggests the product category would benefit from a federal efficiency requirement. FEMP will save this information to build a case for a specific product category in the future.