The Office of Carbon Management is focused on carbon dioxide: our work addresses emissions associated with the power and industrial sectors, in addition to legacy emissions in the atmosphere, coupled to the conversion or permanent storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce negative climate impacts. The Office’s mission centers around investments in technological readiness and analysis of a portfolio of Carbon Management approaches with an emphasis on facilitating a just and environmentally sustainable transition toward a net-zero carbon economy.  We conduct research, development and demonstration of the carbon management technologies outlined below with the goal of improving their performance, reducing costs, and deploying these technologies to decarbonize the power and industrial sectors and to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

The Office of Carbon Management comprises two major offices:

The Office of Carbon Management Technologies leads and invests in RDD&D across five divisions:  Point Source Carbon Capture; Carbon Transport and Storage; CO2 Removal and Conversion; Hydrogen with Carbon Management; and Integrated Carbon Management.

The Office of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Engagement leads in strategic activities and international and intra-governmental coordination across two divisions: Systems, Economic and Environmental Analysis; and Strategic Engagement. More information on the work performed in our divisions can be found below.

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