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WASHINGTON, D.C. — EM marked transformative accomplishments in fiscal year 2023 (FY 2023), highlighting significant hiring and innovation advances, and a strengthened commitment to veteran employment and workforce diversity.

"As we reflect on a year of exceptional growth and innovation, EM stands at the forefront of empowering its workforce, embracing technology and honoring our nation’s veterans," said Toby Layman, deputy director of EM's Office of Workforce Management. "Our achievements are not just a measure of progress but a beacon of what dedicated public service can accomplish."

Hiring Achievements: A Leap in Growth and Opportunities

In FY 2023, EM demonstrated a robust increase in recruitment and hiring activities, with total recruitment actions exhibiting a general increased trend. Starting from 163 in October 2022, recruitment actions peaked at 247 in May 2023, showcasing a vigorous recruitment drive. This culminated in a substantial influx of new hires within EM, totaling 260 new hires and Pathways Recent Graduates Program participants in 2023, reflecting sustained hiring efforts over time. This period marks an unprecedented enhancement in staffing levels, growing from 1,120 to 1,260 employees from March to December.

EM Headquarters and Site-Specific Recruitment Trends

EM headquarters demonstrated the most substantial growth in total recruitment actions, starting from 26 in October 2022, peaking at 66 in April 2023, and moderating to 21 by this past January. The Hanford Site consistently reported high total recruitment actions, maintaining a range between 44 and 74, with a notable spike in May 2023. The Savannah River Site (SRS) showed a steady presence in recruitment actions, peaking at 38 on two occasions, in March and April 2023, and stabilizing at 25 by this past January. The Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office experienced fluctuating trends but ended with a relatively high number of 10 by January. As recruitment endeavors moderated in FY 2024, the momentum of new hires began to level off, suggesting a strategic stabilization in workforce expansion.

Hiring and Workforce Diversity: A Commitment to Equity and Inclusivity

Veterans constitute 28% of EM’s workforce, with 35 new hires. EM has played a pivotal role in DOE’s recognition as the No. 1 veteran employer by Forbes. This accolade reflects DOE's commitment to supporting veteran employment and integrating their invaluable skills into the workforce.

In a progressive shift towards a more inclusive workforce, EM has increased the representation of the 25-34 age group by 28 employees. The representation of women has also seen a notable increase, comprising 39.5% of new hires and increasing female representation by 49 employees.

EM’s inclusive hiring practices have also resulted in 15 Asian or Pacific Islanders, 23 Black Hispanic, four Hispanic, and three American Indian or Alaska Native American new hires. A substantial 46.9% of new hires were people with disabilities, enhancing EM’s representation by 70 individuals.

The Excepted Service Initiative: Shaping EM's Future

EM’s dedicated efforts in talent acquisition resulted in converting 60 employees from the general schedule to the excepted service and hiring 30 new excepted service staff members, with an additional 11 candidates in the recruitment pipeline. Excepted service is a civil service position that does not confer competitive status. Use of this hiring flexibility allowed EM the ability to hire qualified candidates outside of the traditional recruitment method. EM's excepted service positions are technical and are directly related to the safety and administration of defense nuclear facilities.

Pathways and Summer Intern Programs

EM has filled all 40 allocated positions within the Pathways Recent Graduates Program and added three site-hosted positions. The program's success also echoes through the summer intern program, which has provided invaluable experience to tomorrow's leaders.

Technological Advancements: EM Net Upgrades

In its quest to foster a connected and empowered workforce, EM successfully launched LaunchPath, EMpower People and Everyone Matters. These innovative sites, which are hosted on EM’s intranet site for employees, testify to EM's commitment to inclusivity and progressive employee engagement.

Additional Highlights of FY 2023:

  • A successful relocation of EM headquarters employees to the renovated DOE Germantown Complex, along with increased space allocation.
  • Contributions to developing and implementing tools such as the Candidate Status Tracker and the Position Management Dashboard, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Launching a professional mentoring program and hosting numerous lunch-and-learn training sessions, nurturing continuous professional growth.
  • The completion of five significant realignments within EM headquarters, EM Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC), EM Los Alamos, Hanford Site, and the shifting of some contracting functions from SRS to EMCBC, streamlining the organizational structure for enhanced performance.
  • The successful execution of the FY 2023 performance management process, ensuring timely recognition of EM employees.
  • Introducing the Referral Bonus Program and developing the Fitness Reimbursement Program, reinforcing EM's retention initiatives.
  • The fulfillment of General Services Administration requests and human capital data calls underscores EM’s commitment to responsive and responsible governance.
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