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There are a number of challenges associated with the fact that the marine energy industry is in the nascent stages of development. Technologies are largely in the research, development, and demonstration phases, and they have not yet been validated as commercially ready. Additional challenges include a lack of awareness of different market opportunities and benefits of marine energy technologies; limited familiarity with the technologies themselves; industry perceptions of high technical risk; and limited experience in manufacturing devices and designing systems that can be efficiently manufactured at scale.

Through its Data Access and Analytics Activity Area, WPTO aims to address these challenges through the following approaches:

  • Provide original research to assess and communicate potential marine and hydrokinetic market opportunities, including those relevant for other maritime markets
  • Aggregate and analyze data on marine and hydrokinetic performance and technology advances and maintain information sharing platforms to enable dissemination
  • Leverage expertise, technology, data, methods, and lessons learned from the international marine and hydrokinetic community and other offshore scientific and industrial sectors.

Featured Publications & Projects

Multi-Lab Partnership Launches Portal for Marine Energy Information
WPTO supported the creation of PRIMRE, a Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy.
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WPTO Creates STEM Workforce Development Portals
In 2020, NREL released new STEM and workforce development portals for both marine energy and hydropower.
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The Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMRE)
PRIMRE provides broad access to information on engineering and technologies, resource characterization, device performance, and environmental effects.
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Marine and Hydrokinetic Data Repository
The MHKDR is the repository for all data collected using funds from the Water Power Technologies Office of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).
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This portal is designed to help spur innovation and growth in the marine energy technologies industry and support workforce development.
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Marine Energy Collegiate Competition (MECC)
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is hosting a challenge for university students to advance one of the most up-and-coming industries: marine energy.
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