Study Finds Hydropower Provides Reliable Electricity Even During Historic Droughts
September 20, 2022
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, with funding from WPTO, recently completed the most comprehensive study into the effects of drought on hydropower generation in the United States this century.
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Become WPTO’s Hydropower Program Manager!
September 16, 2022
WPTO is looking for someone to join its team as the hydropower program manager! Learn more about the position and apply no later than September 21, 2022.
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Hydropower Does More Than You Think: Six Things To Know About This Renewable Energy Powerhouse
September 15, 2022
Hydropower plants produce energy using the elevation difference created by a dam or diversion structure. Water flows in one side and exits at a lower point, which spins a turbine that runs a generator. Learn six things about hydropower’s potential.
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Applications Now Open for Marine Energy Graduate Student Research Program
September 13, 2022
Applications are now open for the Marine Energy Graduate Student Research Program. Previously only open to doctoral students, the program is now accepting applications from all graduate-level (master’s and doctoral) students for the first time.
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WPTO Announces More Than $32 Million for Hydropower Funding Opportunities

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WPTO Announces Upcoming $10 Million Funding Opportunity to Advance Marine Energy Innovation

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DOE Requests Information on Hydroelectric Incentive Programs

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