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The used light-duty vehicle market is more than twice the size of the new light-duty vehicle market for each year shown. Used vehicle sales for 2018 were 40.2 million vehicles, while new vehicle sales were 17.2 million. Used vehicle sales include pre-owned vehicles sold by dealerships, franchises, independent used vehicle dealers, and private party transactions.

New and Used Light-Duty Vehicle Sales (millions) from 2012 through 2018. 2012-New: 37.6 Used: 14.4, 2013-New: 35.8 Used 15.5, 2014-New: 36.2 Used 16.5, 2015-New: 37.3 Used 17.4, 2016-New: 38.6 Used 17.5, 2017-New: 39.2 Used 17.1, 2018-New: 40.2 Used 17.2