Solar energy plays a significant role in the federal government's strategy for renewable and efficient energy. Because solar systems produce energy on site, they involve unique issues and processes. They include connecting the solar system to both an electrical system and building, understanding procurement options, and finding the most cost-effective solutions.


Procurement Specifications Templates for On-Site Solar Photovoltaic: For Use in Developing Federal Solicitations [PDF] – This guide from the U.S. Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) covers on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with an emphasis on systems designed, financed, owned, and operated by a third-party.

Considerations for Implementing PV Plus Storage Systems at Federal Buildings and Campuses – Recent declines in lithium-ion battery costs, along with changes in net metering policies and utility rate structures, have provided opportunities for PV plus storage to be deployed cost-effectively at grid-connected sites. This Federal Energy Management Program fact sheet explains how the value of PV plus storage is estimated and discusses sizing and dispatching of PV plus storage.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Hurricanes and Other Severe Weather – The U.S. Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program is expanding its recommended design specifications to include factors and best practices for system survivability identified from 2017 hurricanes. This fact sheet provides an overview of the upcoming additions to these design specifications.

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