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GeoVision Analysis Flower

Based on rigorous modeling and simulation, the GeoVision analysis addresses gaps in understanding the potential of geothermal resources and provides a case for geothermal energy to have a sizable role in meeting the nation’s 21st-century energy demands. The GeoVision analysis considers a fundamental question: On the basis of detailed assessments of the geothermal industry and existing technologies and barriers, what level of deployment is achievable, and what would be the corresponding domestic economic and environmental impacts of those deployment levels?

The GeoVision analysis was founded on three key objectives:
      o    Increasing access to geothermal resources
      o    Reducing costs and improving economics for geothermal projects
      o    Improving education and outreach about geothermal energy

By evaluating scenarios for increased deployment of geothermal energy, this analysis provides a foundation to maintain and advance the nation as a leader in geothermal energy applications and technology innovation. DOE has prepared a report of the GeoVision analysis findings and anticipates release by early 2019. Please check this page for updates.