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FEMP works with agencies throughout the federal government to help them account for their energy- and water-management reductions. FEMP also helps federal agencies to be energy management leaders by engaging them in interagency working groups, offering workforce development opportunities, and recognizing their energy- and water-management efforts.

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Interagency Coordination and Collaboration

FEMP fosters coordination and collaboration across agencies and provides input and guidance on related legislation and mandates and collects, consolidates, and packages agency comments and needs.

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Workforce Development and Engagement

FEMP provides training to foster and maintain a high-performance workforce to construct, operate, and maintain federal facilities in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Most courses offered by FEMP provide accredited continuing education units, and more than 25 on-demand courses align with the Federal Building Personnel Training Act of 2010 competencies.

FEMP also recognizes individuals and organizations for significant contributions to energy and water efficiency within the federal government.

Key Resources

FEMP's catalog of on-demand courses, live webinars, and on-site workshops.
Tool displays publicly available data on agency energy management requirements.
Federal agency data toward the requirements of Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
Fact sheet series outlines the benefits and impacts resulting from improvements to federal agency energy and water infrastructure in 46 states.
Database includes case studies highlighting successful federal agency implementation of energy- and water-efficient measures and technologies.

Featured FEMP Training

Energy Exchange Extra
Four additional training packages available mid-September into October.
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