In 2017, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) introduced the FEDS Spotlight, a recognition program for federal agencies. FEDS Spotlight provides an opportunity for agencies to recognize federal employees going above and beyond typical day-to-day responsibilities to achieve mission success while also cutting energy waste, reducing costs, optimizing performance, and advancing America's progress toward energy independence, resilience, and security. 

2023 FEDS Spotlight Call for Nominations

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Deadline: June 30, 2023

FEMP invites federal agency representatives to nominate federal employees who meet the selection criteria described below. Agency points of contact are responsible for vetting and submitting approved FEDS Spotlight nominations on behalf of the agencies. All nominees submitted by agencies who meet these criteria will be included in the 2023 FEDS Spotlight recognition efforts.

Each agency's selections may include any of the following combinations, but may not exceed three individuals in total:

  • Up to three individuals (fill out one form for each nominee)
  • One individual and a team of two (fill out one form for the individual and one for the team)
  • One team of three (fill out one form discussing the team’s efforts)

Please note: Each participating civilian agency and organization within the Department of Defense (including Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Army Corps of Engineers, and Defense Logistics Agency) is welcome to submit up to three (3) individuals for recognition across the agency. Other Defense Agencies may submit nominations through the Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense point of contact.

Selection Criteria

FEMP is seeking federal nominees for recognition, where the individuals have gone above and beyond typical day-to-day responsibilities to help achieve mission success. FEMP would like to recognize agency staff in the field who are working hard to implement the types of efforts described below.

Nomination Types and Effort Areas

The summary description should identify the type of nomination and discuss how your nominee(s) executed efficient, resilient, sustainable, and secure energy and water management practices and projects over the past year, describing connections to one or more of the areas below.

Nomination Types
  • Professional Achievement, persons who consistently show exceptional professionalism and integrity while leading agency mission critical projects and programs.
  • Future Leader, person new to the federal energy management role that embodies and exhibits the characteristics and skills needed to propel key projects and diverse programs forward.
  • Innovator, person who is committed to finding new and creative ways of carrying out dynamic projects and programs and inspires change.
Effort Areas
  • Planning for Net-Zero Buildings, Fleets, and Operations
  • Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Facilities
  • Smart Federal Facilities and Installations
  • Performance Contracting
  • Sustainable Procurement and Project Development
  • Environmental Justice, commitment to ensuring these principles are applied to programs, policies, and activities.
  • Collaboration, or working together with other federal agencies and/or non-federal partners to implement a project or program through interagency agreements, performance contracts, or other teaming arrangements.


The 2023 FEDS Spotlight recipients will be recognized at FEMP's 50 Years of Federal Energy Management celebration, September 12–14 in Washington, D.C. Stay tuned for more details forthcoming.

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