Agency points of contact are responsible for vetting and submitting approved FEDS Spotlight nomination forms to the Federal Energy Management Program on behalf of the agencies. Each agency listed below is limited to selecting three FEDS Spotlight designees per year.

Agency Contact
Defense Logistics Agency Michael Van Dam
General Services Administration Tyler Harris
Jennifer Smith
Mike Virgilio
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Wayne Thalasinos
National Archives and Records Administration Ngan Pham
Mark Sprouse
Smithsonian Institution Thomas Reavey
Social Security Administration Dwight Lucas
George Maze
Tennessee Valley Authority Lee Matthews
U.S. Air Force Doug Tucker
U.S. Army Valerie Hines
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Brian Wilson
Lester Facey
U.S. Department of Agriculture David Wiley
U.S. Department of Commerce Sara Lake
U.S. Department of Defense Andrew Knox
U.S. Department of Education Richard Smith
U.S. Department of Energy Steve Bruno
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Diana Hirshfeld
Reginald Taylor
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Nathan Buckley
Angeline Cione
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Jacob Weisman
U.S. Department of the Interior Craig Lasser
U.S. Department of Justice Brandi Eubanks
Chau Tran
Andrea Thi
U.S. Department of Labor Christopher (Heath) Rehkop
Kathryn Simpson
U.S. Department of State Sean Barron
U.S. Department of Transportation Brent Kurapatskie
U.S. Department of the Treasury Glen Mondoni
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Asad Gilani
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Dan Amon
Conan Wilson
U.S. Marine Corps Scott Houldsworth
U.S. Navy Keith Benson
U.S. Postal Service Carolyn Cole