Buildings need to be flexible, resilient, and smarter. Residential and commercial buildings are a key driver of electricity demand. They use 74% of our nation's electricity and account for 39% of our total energy use and 35% of our carbon emissions. Yet, these buildings can also be a part of the solution, especially to achieve a clean energy economy and stimulate jobs through research, development, demonstration, and deployment.

The Emerging Technologies (ET) Program drives the Building Technologies Office's mission to support research and development, validation, and integration of affordable, energy-saving technologies, strategies, analytical tools, and information services.

The ET research projects help industry, national laboratories, and academia to implement these at scale to reduce energy use and cost in both new and existing residential and commercial buildings. Widespread adoption of existing energy-efficiency building technologies – and the introduction and use of new technologies – could reduce energy use in buildings by 50%, as well as create jobs while delivering an equitable, clean energy future.

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