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The Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Initiative integrates energy efficiency solutions into highly productive U.S. construction practices for new buildings and retrofits.

What is ABC?
Learn about BTO’s efforts to develop energy efficiency technologies and modernize U.S. construction and renovation practices.
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The ABC Initiative Strategy
Investing in innovative technologies and engaging diverse building industry stakeholders to create market-viable solutions
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Leading Organizations and Resources
Research organizations and reports that informed establishment of the ABC Initiative
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The ABC Collaborative
Aligning key building industry stakeholders
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ABC Project Spotlight

Integrated Design, Construction, and Industrialized Buildings
Developing technologies for insulated precast concrete wall panels that double thermal performance and reduce weight by 50%.
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Integral Hi-R, Dynamic Window and Wall Panel
Develops a better integrated window-wall panel and performs field validation of the highly insulated windows.
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Integrated Zero Energy Ready Retrofit Solution for Multifamily Renovations
Produces a standardized, transferable, climate-zone-specific net zero energy-ready retrofit system.
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Controls and Integration Science to Embed EE and DERs into Advanced Manufacturing of Buildings
Explores how the advanced manufacturing of buildings and systems can lead to cost-effective grid-responsive and/or zero energy ready buildings.
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ABC News, Blogs, and Updates

BTO awarded $26.3 million to 40 competitively selected projects to pursue innovations that can advance the goals of the ABC Initiative.
With more than 90% of our lives spent indoors, buildings have a big impact on the quality of our lives.
BTO researches, develops, and validates building technologies that are helping the United States achieve a clean and affordable energy future.
This is the first article in a new web series on one of the Building Technologies Office’s new initiatives: Advanced Building Construction.
With BTO and AMO funding, ORNL developed the technology to manufacture the precast concrete panels that make up the façade of the Domino Sugar Site A
Funding Opportunity Announcement aims to develop deep energy retrofit and new construction technologies.
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