The DOE Solid-State Lighting Program drives innovation in energy-efficient products that support health, productivity, and well-being by fostering U.S. scientific capabilities, leveraging private funds, and providing internationally trusted information. The Lighting Program works closely with multiple Building Technologies Office (BTO) program areas, including Building Electric Appliances, Devices, and Systems (BEADS), Building Controls, Building Equipment, Residential Buildings Integration (RBI), and Commercial Buildings Integration (CBI).



FOA and SBIR R&D Projects
Competitively awarded research projects that tackle science and technology challenges to unlock the next wave of advancements in lighting
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Field Studies and Solutions
Real-world installations that offer insight on energy and lighting performance, control system operation, and occupant outcome data
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Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection
Product testing, simulation studies, and field studies that examine the effectiveness and energy use of GUV technology
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Light at Night
Research and resources that clarify the current state of scientific understanding about light at night
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Lighting Quality
Research on color and spectrum, glare, flicker, uniformity, and daylighting / electric lighting integration to inform new metrics and methods that improve occupant comfort
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Data Driven Electrical Systems
Development and demonstration of new data-driven approaches for designing, configuring, and operating lighting and other building electric systems
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Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability
Development of strategies and tools for data driven sustainability and life cycle analysis of lighting and electrical products
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Better Lighting for Agriculture
Collaborations that advance the efficiency and productivity benefits of lighting in horticulture and domesticated animal applications
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