Solid-State Lighting

The DOE Solid-State Lighting Program leads our nation's efforts to drive research and development of innovative LED and OLED technologies. Find out how DOE and partners are sparking a lighting revolution and positioning American companies for global success. 


An Update on Stress-Testing Results for OLED Lighting
To provide information and analysis to the lighting industry, DOE has released the latest in a series of reports about OLED lighting technology.
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2019 Solid-State Lighting Research and Development Workshop
Lighting scientists continue to come up with breakthrough innovations in LED and OLED technology that drive the limits of energy-efficient lighting...
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A New Study on Handheld Flicker Meters
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released the findings of a new study on handheld flicker meters.
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Student Poster Winners Announced at DOE SSL R&D Workshop
DOE announced the winners of the 2019 Student Poster Competition at the 16th annual DOE SSL R&D Workshop.
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Energy Department Announces $42M in Project Selections for Innovative Buildings Research
The U.S. Department of Energy announced up to $42 million in project selections to support early-stage research of innovative building technologies.
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PoE Connected Lighting System Energy Losses in Ethernet Cables – Part 2
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released the latest findings (Part 2) from a continued investigation into energy losses in Ethernet cables...
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Energy Department Launches Manufacturing Innovator Challenge, First Two Prizes Open for Ideas
DOE announced two new manufacturing prizes to crowdsource solutions for next generation manufacturing and strengthen American's industrial base.
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Webinar on November 8: Sky Glow Comparison Tool
The increasing presence of sky glow—a reduction of night-sky visibility from greater levels of scattered light—has been a topic of growing concern...
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Report Documents Trial Installation of Tunable LED Classroom Lighting
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a GATEWAY report documenting the trial installation of tunable-white light-emitting diode (LED)
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