Lead Performer: Seventhwave
Partners: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State
DOE Total Funding: $1 million
Cost Share: $1 million
Project Term: August 1, 2015 – July 31, 2018
Funding Opportunity: Advancing Solutions to Improve the Energy Efficiency of U.S. Commercial Buildings (2015)


Accelerate Performance is designed to harness the energy savings potential of the commercial building sector by scaling owner demand for energy performance at a cost comparable to current construction. Accelerate Performance eliminates key market barriers by balancing risk between owners and the contractors and design firms that can create the most cost-effective solutions. We will pioneer owner deployment of three innovative DOE-developed tools: Energy-Performance-Based Procurement, Net Zero Cost Control, and the Advanced Energy Design Guidelines.

Accelerate Performance is the first owner-focused program to be delivered through both utility new construction and building portfolio channels. The dual-channel approach accelerates scale, pairs utilities with owners, removes simultaneous barriers, and gives DOE multiple paths to success. Our strategic outreach will transfer best practices to utility programs and building portfolios to scale the program and make it self-sustaining.

Accelerate Performance will define the new normal for the next generation of portfolio-managed buildings. The program will create demand for verified energy performance, and integrate tools that transform owners’ standard procurement processes. Building owners gain repeatable, reliable energy cost savings. Utilities gain increased, cost-effective savings per project, broader participation, and a future growth strategy that supports their portfolio.


Our approach will achieve an average of 50% realized savings versus the more typical 30% modeled savings for aggressive new construction projects. We will pilot this approach on 100 buildings over three years.


DOE Technology Manager: Amy Jiron
Lead Performer: Seventhwave

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