The 2013 Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office Program Review was held April 2-4, 2013 in Washington, DC. This inaugural review encompassed active work done by the Building Technologies Office (BTO), with a total of 59 individual activities reviewed. Sixty independent experts assessed the progress and contributions of each project toward BTO's mission and goals, and these assessments will be used to enhance the management of existing efforts, gauge the effectiveness of projects, and design future programs. The meeting also provided an opportunity to promote collaborations, partnerships, and technology transfers.

2013 Program Peer Review Report

Read the 2013 Building Technologies Office Program Peer Review Report.

2013 Program Peer Review Presentations

Plenary Slides

Presentation TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
Building Technologies Office OverviewRoland RisserU.S. Department of Energy
Appliance Standards and Codes Program OverviewJohn CymbalskyU.S. Department of Energy
Commercial Buildings Integration Program OverviewArah SchuurU.S. Department of Energy
Emerging Technologies Program OverviewPat PhelanU.S. Department of Energy
Residential Buildings Integration ProgramDavid LeeU.S. Department of Energy
Prioritization Tool OverviewAlexis AbramsonU.S. Department of Energy

Building Codes

Project TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
Building Codes Technical AssistanceChris WagnerNational Association of State Energy Officials
Midwest Building Codes Technical Assistance and Commercial ProjectsStacey ParadisMidwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
National Building Codes Collaborative and Technical AssistanceMaureen GuttmanAlliance to Save Energy
Southeast Adoption and Compliance Technical AssistanceJenah ZweigSoutheast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Commercial Buildings Integration

Project TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
Technology Performance ExchangeWilliam LivingoodNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Submeter ChallengeJason KomanU.S. Department of Energy
Building Energy Modeling (BEM) LibraryEllen FranconiRocky Mountain Institute
ISO50001: Conformant Management SystemsAimee McKaneLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Better Buildings AllianceKristen TaddonioU.S. Department of Energy
Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking CampaignLinda SandahlPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Commercial Buildings ConsortiumSandy FazeliNational Association of State Energy Officials
Building Performance DatabasePaul MathewLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
SEED (Standard Energy Efficiency Data)Bill PrindleICF International
Commercial Building PartnershipsAdam HirschNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Advanced Energy Retrofit Guides and Advanced Energy Design GuidesShanti PlessNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Whole Building Energy Performance TrainingShanti PlessNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Transforming the Commercial Building OperationsRon UnderhillPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Financing Turnkey Efficiency Solutions for Small Buildings and Small PortfoliosRois LangnerNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Small Building Energy Management SystemJessica GrandersonLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rooftop Unit SuiteMichael BrambleyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Rooftop Unit CampaignMichael Deru and Andres PotesNational Renewable Energy Laboratory and Waypoint Building Group
Retrofitting Doors on Open Refrigerated CasesWilliam GoetzlerNavigant Consulting, Inc.
Technology Specification DeploymentWilliam GoetzlerNavigant Consulting, Inc.
Window Daylighting DemoStephen SelkowitzLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Emerging Technologies

Project TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
EnergyPlus (Building Energy Model)Brent GriffithNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Open Studio (Building Energy Model)Larry BrackneyNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Autotune (Building Energy Model Calibration)Joshua NewOak Ridge National Laboratory
Open Energy Information SystemJessica GrandersonLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Small-Building Control SystemsMichael BrambleyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Develop Standard Method-Of Test For Integrated Heat PumpsWayne ReedyOak Ridge National Laboratory
Multi-Function Fuel-Fired Heat PumpEd VineyardOak Ridge National Laboratory
GATEWAY (DOE Solid-State Lighting Demonstration)Marc LedbetterPacific Northwest National Laboratory
CALiPER (DOE Commercially Available LED Product Evaluation and Reporting)Marc LedbetterPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Advanced Variable Speed Air-Source Integrated Heat PumpVan D. BaxterOak Ridge National Laboratory
Absorption Heat Pump Water HeaterKyle GluesenkampOak Ridge National Laboratory
Next Generation Rooftop UnitBo ShenOak Ridge National Laboratory
Working Fluids Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) RefrigerantsEd VineyardOak Ridge National Laboratory
Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) RefrigerantsMark McLindenNational Institute of Standards and Technology
Nanolubricants for ChillersMark KedzierskiNational Institute of Standards and Technology
Supercharger for Heat Pumps in Cold ClimatesThomas WalterMechanical Solutions, Inc.
Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Data AnalysisXiaobing LiuOak Ridge National Laboratory
Low Cost Solar Water HeatersKate HudonNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nanolens Window Coatings for DaylightingKyle AlvinePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Low-Cost Solutions for Dynamic Window MaterialsAndre AndersLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
High-Performance Window AttachmentsCharlie CurcijaLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Advanced Facades, Daylighting, and Complex Fenestration SystemsEleanor LeeLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Atmospheric Pressure Deposition of Electrochromic WindowsRobert TenentNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Rooftop Unit NetworkMichael BrambleyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Advanced Surfaces + Accelerated Aging Technology IntegrationHugo DestaillatsLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
New Cool Roof Coatings and Affordable Cool Color Asphalt ShinglesMeng-Dawn ChengOak Ridge National Laboratory
Next Generation Attics and Roof SystemsBill MillerOak Ridge National Laboratory
Air Barriers for Residential & Commercial BuildingsDiana HunOak Ridge National Laboratory
Aerogel Impregnated Polyurethane Piping and Duct InsulationDavid HessInnoSense, LLC

Residential Buildings Integration

Project TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
Building AmericaEric Werling and Ren AndersonU.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Challenge HomeSam RashkinU.S. Department of Energy
Better Buildings Neighborhood ProgramDanielle Byrnett and Dave RobertsU.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Solar DecathlonSara Farrar-NagyNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Home Performance with ENERGY STAREly JacobsohnU.S. Department of Energy
Home Energy ScoreJoan Glickman and Norm BourassaU.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lunch Presentations

Presentation TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
Energy Efficient Buildings HubHenry C. FoleyThe Pennsylvania State University
Trends in Stationary EnergyColin McCormickU.S. Department of Energy