City of Fargo Wins Georgetown University Energy Prize

Read about how Better Buildings Residential Network member the City of Fargo, North Dakota, was named the winner of the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The GUEP is a two-year, nationwide competition that brought together 50 communities to rethink the way America's small- to medium-sized towns, cities, and counties use energy.

January 2018

New Toolkit Helps Programs Evaluate on the Go

Learn about the Evaluation Toolkit based on member feedback to help residential energy efficiency programs evaluate their efforts and incorporate lessons learned on the go, rather than after a program ends.

December 2017

Michigan Saves Marks a $100 Million-Dollar Financing Milestone

Check out this financing milestone reached by Better Buildings Residential Network member Michigan Saves as the organization works to make energy-focused improvements a reality in the state.

November 2017

Online Communities for Home Energy Professionals Merge

Read about the combination of the home performance industry’s two online communities.

October 2017

Enervee Journal Article Shows Efficiency Scores Move Consumers Most

Read about Residential Network member Enervee's first peer-reviewed journal article on energy efficiency scores.

September 2017

Infographic Illustrates the Connection between Health and Home Energy Efficiency

Learn about the Health Heroes infographic, which was designed to assist health professionals in promoting home energy efficiency.

July 2017

Council of Multiple Listing Services Releases Home Energy Information Guide

Read about the Council of Multiple Listing Services new resource on home energy information.

June 2017

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Learn how the City of Holland, Michigan, achieved its energy efficiency goals.
May 2017

EmPOWER Maryland Saves Consumers $4 Billion and Counting

Learn about the EmPOWER Maryland program’s success in partnership with local utilities.
April 2017

Tour the Residential Program Solution Center’s New Features and Look

Read about the Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center’s new features, resources, and layout.
March 2017

Residential Network Grows to 300 Members

Find out how the Better Buildings Residential Network has grown to 300 members and counting.
February 2017

Portland Scores With New Home Energy Policy

Learn about a policy Portland, Oregon, issued that requires homeowners to obtain a home performance report prior to listing a home for sale.
January 2017

Inaugural Virginia Energy Efficiency Award Recognizes Network Member

Read about the award recipients including the Richmond Region Energy Alliance, which won second place with its project partners in the residential category.
December 2016

North Carolina Building Performance Association Establishes Sister Association in South Carolina

Learn about the North Carolina Building Performance Association’s sister organization in South Carolina.
November 2016

CLEAResult and NREL Award Winner of the JUMP Call for Innovation

Read about the winner of the JUMP Smartphone Call for Innovation, hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and industry partner CLEAResult.
October 2016

National Grid’s Efficiency Program Aims to Save Customers $3.6 Billion

Read about National Grid’s latest energy efficiency goals that include strategies to help Massachusetts homeowners save money and energy.
September 2016

New Residential PACE Financing Initiatives Launch as Market Grows

Learn about how White House initiatives are advancing Residential PACE financing as it is being offered in more states, including a new program in Missouri.
July 2016

Loan Program Provides Efficiency Financing in the Keystone State

Read how the Pennsylvania Treasury is bringing back the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program to help homeowners finance home energy efficiency upgrades.
June 2016

Virginia Residents Check Out New Energy Lending Library

Read about Arlington County, Virginia’s Energy Lending Library that allows residents to check out equipment to identify energy savings in their homes.
May 2016

Leverage Earth Day to Promote Energy Efficiency

Learn how Residential Network members are using Earth Day and other holidays to promote residential energy efficiency in their communities.
April 2016

New Credential Helps Homes Get Health and Safety Check-Ups

Learn about a credential released by Buildings Performance Institute that will help the home performance workforce assess home-based environmental health hazards.
March 2016

Residential Network Members Unite to Form Green Bank Network

Read how Residential Network members joined forces to launch an international organization that scales up private financing to meet the challenge of climate change.
February 2016

New Orleans Council Calls on Entergy to Increase Energy Savings

Read about a resolution the New Orleans City Council passed that called on Entergy New Orleans to increase its efforts to help the city reach its energy savings goal.
January 2016

Network Member Helps City Climb CoolCalifornia Challenge Leaderboard

Learn how a Residential Network member is helping boost a California community’s energy and water conservation efforts as part of the CoolCalifornia Challenge.
December 2015

Residential Network Members Support New Data-Driven Initiative

Read about Residential Network members that are partnering with the Standard Energy Efficiency (SEED) Collaborative to help cities manage building energy performance data.
November 2015

New Lessons Learned: Peer Exchange Call “Greatest Hits” Out Now

Learn about the latest top marketing and outreach takeaways from Better Buildings Residential Network Members during spring 2015 Peer Exchange Calls.
October 2015

Michigan Saves Reaches $50 Million Investment Milestone

Read how Residential Network member Michigan Saves helped more than 5,000 customers achieve energy savings through affordable financing.
September 2015

California Member Marches Parade to Promote Energy Upgrades

Read why Residential Network member Community Home Energy Retrofit Project took to the streets to raise awareness about home energy upgrades.
July 2015

First-Ever Network Member Gathering Held at 2015 Better Buildings Summit

Read about the first Residential Network meet-up where members shared challenges, strategies for success, and suggestions for the coming year.
June 2015

Energy Prize Participants Get Social (Media) in the Quest for $5 Million

Read how Georgetown University Energy Prize participants are leveraging social media to help their community save energy and win big.
May 2015

Motivate Homeowner Action With Updated DOE Incentives Database

Read why updates to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency can help you find incentives for homeowners faster.
April 2015

Better Buildings Summit Residential Sessions Engage Energy Pros

Read how the Better Buildings Summit is engaging home energy professionals in 2015 through new residential sessions and Network member participation.
March 2015

Farmington Hills Partners With Michigan Saves With Eyes on the Energy Prize

Read about two Residential Network members in Michigan that are working together to make home energy upgrades affordable.
February 2015

Minnesota Member Lists Twin Cities’ First Energy Fit Certified Home

Read why a home purchased and upgraded by the Center for Energy and Environment made headlines after appearing on the Minnesota Multiple Listing Service.
January 2015

Residential Network Members Impact More Than 42,000 Households

Read how less than 50 Residential Network members improved 42, 269 households in 2013 through home energy upgrades, as well as other program accomplishments.
December 2014

Nexus Energy Center Unveils Energy-Efficient Tiny Home

Read about Nexus Energy Center’s recent unveiling of its 250-square-foot tiny home that will educate contractors and students about energy efficiency.
November 2014

Peer Exchange Calls Inspire New Lessons Learned Greatest Hits

Learn about a new resource that summarizes top takeaways shared by Residential Network members during Peer Exchange Calls.
October 2014

Efficiency Nova Scotia Releases Energy Efficiency Mobile App

Learn how a Canadian member’s new game app for mobile devices helps homeowners spot the difference between efficient and inefficient energy uses.
October 2014

California Member Connects Solar Adoption With Upgrades

Read how the Center for Sustainable Energy made the connection between solar adoption and energy upgrades through homeowner studies.
October 2014

Vermont Member Helps House Hunters Come Home to Energy Savings

Learn why NeighborWorks of Western Vermont added a realty division and hired a licensed real estate broker to sell even more home energy upgrades.
October 2014

Promoting High-Performance Homes to Real Estate Pros

Learn how two Portland, Oregon-based Residential Network members are helping real estate professionals promote energy-efficient homes to buyers.
September 2014

NeighborWorks’ On-Bill Option Simplifies Loan Payments in Vermont

Read why paying for energy improvements just got easier in the Green Mountain State, thanks to Residential Network member NeighborWorks of Western Vermont.
September 2014

BC Hydro Brings Energy Savings to Low-Income Families in Canada

Read how Residential Network member BC Hydro’s Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) is helping even more low-income families in British Columbia.
September 2014

Austin Energy Dials Down Home Energy Use With Smart Phones

Learn how an Austin, Texas, Residential Network member used summer’s unpredictable weather patterns as an opportunity to promote efficient cooling.
July 2014

Nexus Energy Center Raises Funds for Energy-Saving Tiny Home

Read about Residential Network member Nexus Energy Center’s "TRES (Tiny, Renewable, and Environmentally Sustainable) Project.
July 2014

More Than 60 GUEP Communities Join the Residential Network

Read about the Residential Network’s agreement with the Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP) competition to welcome all participating communities as members.
June 2014

Southeast Member Launches Finance Network to Fund Upgrades

Learn how the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance is leveraging DOE loan capital to engage a multitude of regional energy efficiency participants through education.
June 2014

Florida Program Invests $300,000 Loan in Home Energy Upgrades

Read more about Solar and Energy Loan Fund’s Community Reinvestment Act to finance home energy upgrades for low- and moderate-income households.
June 2014

Local Energy Alliance Program Offers Green Appraisal Services

Read why Charlottesville, Virginia, homeowners interested in selling their home, refinancing, or applying for a secured line of credit have a new tool to get started.
June 2014

New Financing Tool Expands Market to Institutional Investors

Read about a new financing platform designed to open the market for energy efficiency to institutional investors, known as Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans.
May 2014

New York Network Members Join Forces to Create Green Jobs

Learn how Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO) and NYSERDA are using its knowledge of the housing market to create energy efficiency contracting jobs.
May 2014

Study: Owners of Energy-Efficient Homes Recommend Them

Read more about a recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) study aimed at uncovering how owners of energy-efficient homes felt after closing.
May 2014

Buffalo Pushes Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing in New York

Read how PUSH (People United for Sustainable Housing) Buffalo is creating energy-efficient, affordable housing in the multifamily sector.
April 2014

DOE’s New Cost-Effectiveness Tool Builds the Business Case

Learn more about DOE’s new user-friendly tool that estimates the cost-effectiveness of a residential energy efficiency program based on a program administrator’s inputs.
February 2014