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Launched in May 2013 with 13 inaugural members, the Better Buildings Residential Network has welcomed its 300th member! Due to rapid growth and strong interest by the market, the Residential Network now encompasses 300 residential energy efficiency programs, state and local governments, contractors, utilities, financial institutions, manufacturers, implementers, nonprofits, and others under one umbrella that serves a dynamic field.

Map of the United States with BBRN member states highlighted.

The 300th member is La Plata Electric Association, a cooperative utility based out of Durango, CO. The organization was active in the Residential Network before joining, as representative Nancy Andrews has participated in 23 Peer Exchange Calls. Thank you to all members for your participation, including submitting Reporting and Recognition Templates with your upgrades, accomplishments, and their benefits. We appreciate all your support toward the Residential Network's mission of accelerating the pace of energy efficiency upgrades.