The goal of Tool Kit Framework: Small Town University Energy Program (STEP) is to assemble all the key elements that went into the design and delivery of STEP—formerly STEP-UP, a University Park, Maryland, Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partner. The target audiences for the handbook include interested citizens, elected officials, and municipal staff who want to establish and run their own efficiency program within a small community or neighborhood, using elements, materials, and lessons from STEP. The tool kit is developed in four sections: Strategy Development, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. A fifth section, Attachments, includes support materials used for STEP.


A. Local Asset Materials
 1. Original STEP Proposal
 2. Statement of Project Objectives (SOPO)
  • Original Impact Calculations
 3. Sample Council Report
 4. Outreach Letters to Engage Partner Communities, Letters of Understanding
  • Letters of Outreach to Partner Communities
  • Partner Letter of Engagement
 5. Copies of DOE Metric Reports
  • Program Metrics
  • Progress Report
 6. Advisory Committee Agenda, Minute Template
  • Report to Council
  • Advisory Committee Minutes
 7. Key Correspondence (Relevant PowerPoint Slide Decks)
  • STEP Partner Presentation
  • STEP Conference Presentation
 8. Event Templates
  • Event Flier
  • Event Email Text
  • Event Press Release
  • Event Press Release II
  • Event Lawn Sign
  • Event Sign-in Sheet
  • Event Postcard

B. Partner Materials
 1. Key Correspondence With Pepco, MEA, DHCD*
 2. Loan Loss Reserve Documentation With Sandy Spring Bank
  • Loan Loss Reserve Agreement
 3. Community Partner documents
  • Outreach to Local Towns
  • Outreach Plan
  • Outreach Timeline
 4. Consultant documents
  • Communications Consultant RFP
  • Consultant Affidavit
  • Consultant Scorecard
  • Communication Consultant Contract
  • Evaluation Consultant RFP
 5. Protocol for House Parties*

C. Personnel Materials
 1. Energy Coach
  • STEP Energy Coach and Technical Consultant Job Descriptions
 2. Project Manager*
 3. Technical Consultant
  • STEP Energy Coach and Technical Consultant Job Descriptions
  • Technical Consultant RFP
  • Technical Consultant Contract
  • Technical Consultant Report Template
 4. Intern
  • STEP Intern Job Description
  • STEP Intern Reference Check Sheet

D. This section was not listed in the original “Section V – Attachments” of Tool Kit Framework Small Town Energy Program (STEP).

E. Program Administrative Materials
 1. Participation Agreement
  • STEP Participation Agreement
 2. Utility Data Release Form
  • STEP Utility Data Release Form
 3. Preferred Contractor Chart
  • STEP Preferred Contractors
 4. Financial Incentives Chart
  • STEP Financial Incentives Summary
 5. Financing Options Chart
  • STEP Participant Financing Options
 6. Energy Efficiency Programs Summary Chart
  • Maryland Efficiency Program Options
  • STEP-by-STEP Program Summary
 7. Request for Incentives Form
  • STEP Request For Incentives
 8. Form Emails*
 9. Technical Consulting Forms*

F. Outreach Materials
 1. Information Brochures
  • STEP Brochure
  • STEP Brochure (Spanish)
 2. Event Collateral
 3. "Ready-Set-Save With STEP" Flier
  • STEP Flier
 4. Program Launch Letter from Mayor**
 5. STEP Lawn Sign **
 6. Local Newsletter Article**
 7. Door-to-Door Canvassing**
  • Door-to-Door Flow Chart
  • Door-to-Door FAQs
  • Door-to-Door Script
  • Door-to-Door To-Do
 8. House Parties**
  • House Parties Email
  • House Party Agenda
  • House Party Flier
 9. Website**
  • STEP Website Site Map
  • STEP Website Screenshots
 10. Video Shoot**
  • Video Shoot Scope of Work
 11. Case Studies**
  • Participant Case Studies

G. Surveys
 1. Non-Participant Survey
 2. Ready Survey
 3. Set Survey
 4. Save Survey
 5. All Consultant Reports
  • STEP Participant Survey Executive Summary
  • STEP Participant Survey Report
  • STEP Non-Participant Survey Report
  • STEP Utility Bill Analysis Report
  • STEP Focus Group Report
  • STEP Program Benchmark Report
 6. Event Survey**

*Document(s) not provided by STEP staff
**Document (s) provided by STEP staff but not listed in “Section V – Attachments” of Tool Kit Framework Small Town Energy Program (STEP)