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Past Workshops and Conference Sessions

The Better Buildings Neighborhood Program periodically hosted workshops or conference sessions to bring together program partners to learn more about energy efficiency upgrade programs. At these workshops, program partners shared experiences and discussed paths toward helping catalyze a building upgrade industry that could eventually be sustained in the private sector.


April 29–May 1, 2014
Detroit, Michigan


  • Explore how the home performance industry can create a better America by:
    • Employing a well-educated, highly trained workforce
    • Collaborating with one another
    • Demonstrating a commitment to building strong, healthy communities

Learn more about the conference and trade show, which companies attended, and what workshops were provided.


April 30–May 3, 2013
Denver, Colorado


  • Discuss which benchmarks are the most critical in developing an industry scorecard, as well as how to better align the interests of all parties crucial to developing a roadmap for a sustainable future.
  • Inspire innovation and collaborative opportunities for government, utilities, financial institutions, contractors, and homeowners.

Catch up on conference presentations on ACI's Live Learning Center, as well as the "Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center Demonstration" slides and audio presented at the conference.


July 9–11, 2012
Arlington, Virginia


  • Showcase innovations, highlight accomplishments, and spark connections across residential energy efficiency programs.
  • Capture and share diverse program implementation solutions, strategies, and techniques.
  • Catalyze effective approaches to residential energy efficiency market transformation.

Visit the conference page to find a detailed agenda, conference presentations, and additional materials.


October 24–26, 2011
Burlington, Vermont


  • Learn about various energy efficiency market business models and key characteristics of successful and sustainable businesses and programs.
  • Think in depth about your local market and develop strategies for your program to leverage or influence partners for long-term sustainability.
  • Outline and begin to refine your program's long-term business plan and concrete steps to implement it.

Visit the workshop page to find a detailed agenda, workshop materials, and presentations.


May 20, 2011
Washington, D.C.


  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and share lessons learned among key stakeholders who are tackling and overcoming barriers to greater uptake of residential energy efficiency upgrades.

Visit the workshop page to find a detailed agenda and presentations.

Past Partner Events

Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners around the county actively engaged in promoting energy efficiency and showcasing their achievements. Here's a look at what some of our partners did.

November-December 2013
  • Efficiency Maine
    In December, Efficiency Maine helped Portland celebrate the holidays in energy-efficient style by donating more than 3,000 energy-saving LED lights to adorn the city’s 55-foot-tall Christmas tree in Monument Square. Learn more about Efficiency Maine.
  • Energy Upgrade California
    Fremont, California, residents who attended the Fremont Home Energy Efficiency Workshop in early November learned how to save money on their winter energy bills through Energy Upgrade California home energy upgrades and rebates. Learn more about Energy Upgrade California.
September-October 2013
  • Michigan Saves
    In October, Michigan Saves held a contractor training webinar on its Home Energy Loan Program, which provides easy, affordable loans to homeowners for qualifying energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements in Michigan. Learn more about Michigan Saves.
  • NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (NWWVT) (Rutland County, Vermont)
    In honor of Energy Action Month in October, NWWVT worked with local organizations to promote "Button Up Vermont Day." On October 5, 2013, more than 30 communities across Vermont organized events to motivate their friends and neighbors to upgrade their homes and save energy and money. Learn more about NWVVT.
July-August 2013
  • Denver Energy Challenge (Denver, Colorado)
    In August, the Denver Energy Challenge partnered with The Home Depot to host a local contractor event in which area energy efficiency professionals were invited to learn more about the resources available to their current and future projects. Learn more about the Denver Energy Challenge.
  • Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) (Charlottesville, Virginia/Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance)
    In July, the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) participated in the Reston Nature House Hosts Energy Fair, a community energy event that showed homeowners cool ways to save energy. LEAP was one of several programs that were on hand to discuss ways homeowners can cut down on their energy use, and therefore their power bills. Learn more about LEAP.
May-June 2013
  • Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) (Portland, Oregon)
    Self Enhancement, Inc. students from Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon, spent one day during their spring break exploring home performance with CEWO contractors. The job-shadowing event gave the students a chance to learn firsthand about energy-efficient homes and building career opportunities. Learn more about CEWO.
  • Efficiency Maine
    Not only did Efficiency Maine participate in Southern Maine Community College's Renewable Energy & Efficiency Fair, but it also held training workshops for contractors throughout May and June. Learn more about Efficiency Maine.
  • NOLA WISE (New Orleans, Louisiana)
    On May 18, NOLA WISE reached out the community during Hands Across the Sand, a national day of unity to raise awareness about the consequences of dependence on fossil fuels. Learn more about NOLA WISE.
March-April 2013
  • RePower Bainbridge (Bainbridge Island, Washington)
    Bainbridge Island, Washington, residents were given one last chance to achieve big energy savings at RePower Bainbridge's Final Boarding Call event on April 13, 2013. Attendees were given the opportunity to receive an extra $800 rebate on their home energy improvements, get their questions answered, and meet with contractors to set up their upgrades. Learn more about RePower Bainbridge.
  • EnergyFit Nevada
    EnergyFit Nevada and its contractors exhibited at GREENfest and the 17th Annual Festival of Communities on April 20 in celebration of Earth Day. The event featured exhibits, recycling collection, and resources to encourage participants to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about EnergyFit Nevada.
  • Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    In March, GCEA served as the presenting sponsor for the Eco-Fabulous Fashion Show in Covington, Kentucky. Proceeds benefitted Cincinnati, Ohio's Civic Garden Center, which promotes environmental stewardship. Learn more about GCEA.
January-February 2013
  • Milwaukee Energy Efficiency (Me2) (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
    In partnership with other organizations, Me2 participated in a free homeowner workshop in February that taught local residents ways to reduce their energy use at home. Attendees also learned about energy efficiency programs available to help them finance and implement upgrades. Learn more about Me2.
  • California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) (San Diego, California)
    CCSE, which implements San Diego's Energy Upgrade California pilot program, held five free energy-efficient home tours in January. From Chula Vista to University Heights, residents were invited to tour homes upgraded through CCSE for a firsthand look at energy efficiency improvements and a chance to speak with real homeowners about the benefits of upgrading. Learn more about CCSE.
November-December 2012
  • Community Power Works (Seattle, Washington)
    In early December, Community Power Works participated in the Greendrinks Holiday Fair alongside a number of Seattle community groups and energy efficiency contracting companies. The fair featured locally made sustainable gifts, and participants reduced waste by bringing their own beverage cups or buying compostable cups. Learn more about Community Power Works.
  • Energy Upgrade California (Los Angeles, California)
    Throughout the month of November, Energy Upgrade California led a statewide mobile tour across the state designed to inform and inspire Californians to learn about and install energy-saving improvements in their homes. The Energy Upgrade California Roadshow Tour made 11 stops in nine cities, wrapping things up in Cupertino, California. Learn more about Energy Upgrade California.
  • Denver Energy Challenge (Denver, Colorado)
    In mid-November, Denver Energy Challenged hosted an Energy Loan Seminar for homeowners using a roundtable format. An energy advisor from Denver Energy Challenge, a certified contractor, and an Elevations loan specialist were on hand to discuss the full process of undertaking an energy efficiency upgrade and to answer audience questions. Learn more about Denver Energy Challenge.
September-October 2012
  • Efficiency Maine
    On October 9, Efficiency Maine held a Building Operator Certification® (BOC) course for its commercial building customers. BOC is a national workforce training and certification program offering facilities personnel the job skills and education necessary to improve the energy performance of the buildings they oversee. The course includes eight one-day classes comprised of classroom training, project assignments to be completed at the participant's facility, and in-class exams administered at the end of each day of training. Learn more about Efficiency Maine.
  • NOLA WISE (New Orleans, Louisiana)
    Not only did NOLA WISE participate as a co-sponsor in the 2nd Annual Le Vert Green Home Tour in late September, but a home upgraded through the program was also featured in the tour. The tour showcased sustainable homes throughout New Orleans, as well as homeowners who are taking steps to make their homes more energy-efficient. Learn more about NOLA WISE.
July-August 2012
  • Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge (Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut)
    In conjunction with the Wethersfield Public Library, the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge hosted a free solar workshop in late August that provided interested homeowners complimentary consultations with certified contractors from C-Tech Solar. Contractors discussed ways homeowners could implement solar technologies in their homes and shared information on financing, rebates, and tax incentives available to Connecticut residents. Learn more about Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge.
  • Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) (Charlottesville, Virginia/Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance)
    On August 1, LEAP launched its first Home Energy Makeover Contest in Northern Virginia. Residents can enter to win a $10,000 home energy makeover by filling out a five-minute online report about energy usage in their homes. Learn more about LEAP.
  • Energy Smart Colorado (Eagle County, Colorado)
    In July, Energy Smart Colorado hosted a free loan workshop for contractors to discuss the program's financing tool available for homeowners. Lunch was provided as Connie Ealey from Funding Partners presented on the financing tool, after which attending contractors were enrolled in the financing program by completing a few simple forms. Upon completion, all attending contractors became eligible to offer the financing product to customers. Learn more about Energy Smart Colorado.
May-June 2012
  • RePower Bainbridge (Bainbridge Island, Washington)
    In late June, RePower Bainbridge challenged local swimmers to "repower" before they cooled off. Program representatives hosted Dive into Action with RePower at the Aquatics Center Public Pool in Bainbridge Island, Washington, where pool goers were given information energy efficiency upgrade information. Learn more about RePower Bainbridge.
  • Denver Energy Challenge (Denver County, Colorado)
    To kick off the month of May, Denver Energy Challenge offered a contractor training event alongside Boulder, Colorado's EnergySmart program. The event trained the two programs' contractor communities on how to use a new renewable loan program as a tool to sell more projects. Learn more about Denver Energy Challenge.
March-April 2012
  • Energize Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona)
    To get the word out about energy efficiency upgrades, Energize Phoenix held a community energy efficiency fair — "It's Easy With Energize Phoenix." Approved contractors were on site to answer questions and homeowners could sign up on the spot for free energy check-ups and rebates. Learn more about Energize Phoenix.
  • Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) (Charlottesville, Virginia/Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance)
    In March, Charlottesville's LEAP held a public workshop designed to spread the word about LEAP. Homeowners who have already upgraded their homes were on hand to share their experiences, challenges, and savings. Learn more about LEAP.
January-February 2012
  • BetterBuildings for Michigan
    In mid-January BetterBuildings for Michigan filmed energy evaluations at two homes to air on local cable television stations. Learn more about BetterBuildings for Michigan.
  • reEnergize (Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska)
    As a way to reach out to the community, representatives from Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska's reEnergize program spoke at local meetings of the Green Neighborhood Council. Learn more about reEnergize.
November-December 2011
  • Efficiency Maine
    In December, the Environmental and Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech) hosted a forum to provide an overview of the projects funded by Efficiency Maine. At the event, the executive director of Efficiency Maine reviewed the energy savings achieved by the program and discussed plans for the year ahead. Learn more about Efficiency Maine.
  • Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) (Chicago, Illinois)
    In November, EI2 released interactive tools designed to help consumers make energy efficient improvements to their homes. Learn more about EI2.
  • Milwaukee Energy Efficiency (Me2) (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
    In November, Me2 program held a number of free workshops to educate homeowners about potential energy savings in their homes. Learn more about Me2.
September-October 2011
  • Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) (Portland, Oregon)
    During Portland's annual Build It Green! Home Tour in September, Clean Energy Works Oregon highlighted a homeowner's tight budget, do-it-yourself effort to perform an energy efficiency upgrade on her 1,700 square foot home. Learn more about CEWO.
  • Energize Bedford (Bedford, New York)
    With winter approaching, New York State doubled its incentive programs for energy efficiency upgrades, and Energize Bedford is helping consumers complete the upgrades. Learn more about Energize Bedford.
July-August 2011
  • Energy Upgrade California (Los Angeles County, California)
    Faced with the state's slow economic recovery and low public awareness, the Los Angeles County program has revved up its outreach efforts by conducting a series of public workshops in July and August. Learn more about Energy Upgrade California.
  • Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge (Town of Lebanon, Connecticut)
    The Neighbor to Neighbor Clean Energy Corps visited homes in Lebanon, Connecticut, in July to spread the word about the Home Energy Savings program, sponsored by the local electric company. The service, which is valued at $800, is free to electric company customers and includes weatherization, air sealing, installation of low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, and up to 25 spiral and specialty energy efficient bulbs. Learn more about Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge.
May-June 2011
  • Beacon Communities Project (Berlin, Nashua, and Plymouth, New Hampshire)
    Berlin Better Buildings planned "lunch and learn" workshops throughout the summer to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency.  Learn more about Beacon Communities Project.
  • EnergyWorks (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    EnergyWorks launched a campaign to educate the public about how to keep their homes cool and energy costs down as summer temperatures heat up. Learn more about EnergyWorks.
  • Energy Upgrade California (Los Angeles County, California)
    Six homeowners from Los Angeles County will receive free home energy makeovers from a contest organized by Energy Upgrade California. All contest applicants were sent a coupon redeemable for $250 on completion of an energy upgrade. Learn more about Energy Upgrade California.
March-April 2011
January-February 2011
  • EnergySmart (Boulder County, Colorado)
    More than 35 Boulder County-area companies involved in the "10 for Change" program were recognized in February for reducing their energy use and making other environmentally friendly changes in 2010. Learn more about EnergySmart.
November-December 2010
  • Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    In November, 30 volunteers reached out to residents in the Covington, Kentucky, neighborhoods of Peaselburg, Levassor Park, and Wallace Woods to share energy saving resources and distribute energy efficiency kits. Learn more about GCEA.