The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), part of the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, changed its meeting format and will now conduct a virtual Peer Review of its program. The AMO Peer Review will provide a high-level overview of AMO’s strategic plan, priorities, investments, and the mechanisms it is using to meet its program goals. This two-day meeting will also include presentations from AMO technology managers on various technical topics that cover the entire AMO program. 

Principal Investigator presentations will not be reviewed during the AMO Peer Review. Their presentations will be posted on the AMO website two weeks prior to the AMO Peer Review for public access.




*If you had previously registered, you do not need to register again.  Updated information on how to participate will be sent to you.  

View a preliminary agenda below.

Plenary Session - Day 1 (Tuesday, June 2)

12:30 PM

Welcome and Review of Day 1 Agenda

Melissa Klembara or Bob Gemmer, AMO

12:40 PM

Introduction of EERE Leadership

Valri Lightner, AMO Deputy Director

12:45 PM

EERE Leadership Remarks

Daniel R Simmons, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

1:15 PM

AMO Overview

Mission, Vision, Goals, Success Stories

Valri Lightner, AMO Deputy Director

1:45 PM

AMO Strategic Approach

Diana Bauer, AMO

2:15 PM

AMO Strategic Analysis (Retrospective, Introspective, and Prospective)

Joe Cresko, AMO

2:45-3:15 PM



3:15 PM

Budget Overview and Outlook

Lauren Hall, AMO

3:30 PM

R&D Consortia Model

Michael McKittrick, AMO

3:45 PM

Mechanisms for Fostering Innovation

Joe Cresko, AMO

4:00 PM

Q/A for AMO Leadership

Peer Review Panelists

5:00 PM

Overview of Technical Tracks to be Discussed on Day 2

Melissa Klembara and Bob Gemmer, AMO

5:15 PM




Plenary Session - Day 2 (Wednesday, June 3)

9:30 AM

Welcome and Review of Day 2 Agenda

Melissa Klembara or Bob Gemmer, AMO

9:40 AM

AMO Technical Topic Panel #1

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Composites
  • Sustainable Manufacturing/Circular Economy

AMO Technology Managers

Blake Marshall and Chris Hovanec

Chad Schell and Jeremy Leong

Chris Hovanec, Kate Peretti, and Joe Cresko

10:40 AM

AMO Technical Topic Panel #2

  • Advanced Materials
  • Materials for Harsh Conditions
  • Critical Materials
  • Energy Storage

AMO Technology Managers

Tina Kaarsberg and Steve Sikirica 

Steve Sikirica

Helena Khazdozian

Brian Valentine, Diana Bauer and Joe Cresko

12:00 PM

Introduction of DAS-EE, Alex Fitzsimmons

Valri Lightner, AMO Deputy Director

12:05 PM

Remarks from DAS-EE, Alex Fitzsimmons

Alex Fitzsimmons, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency

12:30 PM



1:00 PM

AMO Technical Topic Panel #3

  • Energy-Water Nexus/Water Security Grand Challenge
  • Process Intensification/Chemical Manufacturing
  • Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

AMO Technology Managers

Melissa Klembara and Diana Bauer

Kate Peretti, Melissa Klembara and Jeremy Leong

Brian Valentine

2:00 PM

AMO Technical Topic Panel #4

  • Power Electronics
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Waste Heat Recovery/Process Heating

AMO Technology Managers

Al Hefner

Bob Gemmer

Bob Gemmer and Joe Cresko

3:00 PM



3:15 PM

AMO Technical Topic Panel #5

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity
  • High Performance Computing for Manufacturing

AMO Technology Managers

Sudarsan Rachuri

Chad Schell

Bob Gemmer

4:15 PM

AMO Technical Topic Panel #6

  • Technical Partnerships
  • Workforce Development/Investing in People
  • Technology Transfer Mechanisms

AMO Technology Managers

Eli Levine

Steve Shooter and Nebiat Solomon

Tina Kaarsberg and Jeremy Leong

5:15 PM

Wrap Up/Next Steps on AMO Peer Review

Melissa Klembara or Bob Gemmer, AMO

5:30 PM