The Office of Technology Transitions’ mission extends across DOE’s many programs, sites, and national laboratories. The pages under this tab connect visitors with the numerous resources and elements that reflect the work and successes of our technology transition efforts, as well as the offices and laboratories at the heart of this endeavor.

Here, visitors may explore various Department success stories in technology transfer. OTT compiles these stories from selected DOE-derived research projects that have resulted in commercial outcomes and successful public-private relationships.

Data collection and analysis is an important activity for OTT. We continuously track more than 70 technology transfer-related metrics from across all of DOE’s laboratories, sites, and facilities to develop annual, statutorily mandated, technology transfer-related reports. This data helps establish clear goals and objectives for the labs, partners, and Department by facilitating the evaluation of best practices and effective metrics, overall enhancing the mission of the DOE.

Visitors may also review our various reports associated with the office and the Department. These include our Annual Review and Execution Plans, as well as our technology spotlight reports.

Finally, there are links to DOE's Program Offices that fund and assist the research of our technology transition efforts. These offices are great resources for additional information about the Department and its programs.