The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released the following resources to help state and territorial energy offices apply for and implement their Home Efficiency Rebates program under the Inflation Reduction Act's Home Energy Rebates:

Home Efficiency Rebates Program: Sample Application Responses and Guidance
This resource provides guidance as states and territories design programs and draft funding applications. Where possible, DOE offers sample responses to application questions. Elsewhere, DOE provides context to help develop responses.

DOE does not require energy offices to use the language in the document. Instead, the examples in this document serve as a model and aid.

DOE issued a sample application for the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates on November 3, 2023.

Implementation RFP Guidance
DOE expects many states will contract with implementation companies to provide the services needed to deliver effective programs.

To do so, most states will need to go through a competitive solicitation process, which includes a request for proposals (RFP). This document provides key recommended components of an RFP for Home Efficiency Rebates implementation.

Measured Path Incentive Payment Calculator
This tool calculates consumer rebate amounts based on a retrofit project's measured energy efficiency gains. It can help states, territories, and their implementers develop and implement their programs.

Updates to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DOE has also made its biweekly update to the Rebates FAQs. These updates cover the following:

  • What may states do to help ductless homes using fuel oil or propane to electrify heat under IRA Section 50122?
  • Can states give heat pump rebates under IRA Section 50122 for dwelling units with an existing heat pump for space-conditioning?

View our other resources to help states, territories, and Tribes apply for and implement their Home Energy Rebates.

About Home Energy Rebates

On August 16, 2022, President Joseph R. Biden signed the landmark Inflation Reduction Act. The law includes $391 billion to support clean energy and address climate change, including $8.8 billion in Home Energy Rebates, which will provide two separate rebates to consumers:

The Home Efficiency Rebates will provide $4.3 billion to discount the price of energy-saving retrofits in single-family and multi-family buildings. These rebates will be administered by states and territories.

The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates will provide $4.5 billion in rebates for high-efficiency electricity upgrades in homes. These rebates will be administered by states, territories, and Indian tribes.

For more information, visit the Home Energy Rebates website and sign up for email updates.