Office of Project Management (PM) Services

The mission of the Office of Project Management (PM) is to provide corporate oversight, managerial leadership and assist in the development and implementation of Department-wide policies, procedures, programs and management systems pertaining to project management, professional development, and related activities.

In support of this mission, the Office provides the following services:

Project Management Workshop

The annual DOE Project Management Workshop continues the tradition of providing opportunities to discuss projects and project challenges with senior leadership, share lessons learned, and recognize excellence. Click here to learn more about the workshop.

Project Management Awards

Each year, the Department recognizes projects that have demonstrated excellence in the project management discipline. Click here to learn more about Project Management Awards.

Performance Metrics

The Office of Project Management (PM) provides a monthly assessment of DOE’s portfolio of capital assets projects, which is summarized in the monthly Project Dashboard report. The Office publishes quarterly metrics that track overall Contract and Project Management Improvement Performance Metrics and Targets. Click here to learn more about Performance Metrics.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a systematic approach to the integration and measurement of cost, schedule, and technical (scope) accomplishments on a project or task. It provides both the government and contractors the ability to examine detailed schedule information, critical program and technical milestones, and cost data. Click here to learn more about EVM.