Paducah Citizens Advisory Board Meeting

The Paducah Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) provides informed, independent advice and recommendations to DOE regarding environmental restoration, waste management, future land use, risk assessment, clean-up technologies, and related Paducah Site activities. The CAB consists of members with diverse interests and concerns related to the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Environmental Management activities. Liaison members include representatives from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4. Members of the CAB participate in educational and informative programs in order to be able to provide meaningful recommendations. Meetings held by the CAB provide opportunities for members of the community to provide public comments on the issues under consideration by the CAB.

For more information visit the Paducah CAB website.

More Information

Federal Advisory Committee Act
The Federal Advisory Committee Act became law in 1972 and is the legal foundation defining how federal advisory committees operate. The law has special emphasis on open meetings, chartering, public involvement, and reporting.

Environmental Management Site Specific Advisory Board
The EM SSAB exists to provide the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, the appropriate Site Manager(s), and any other DOE officials the Assistant Secretary designates, with information, advice, and recommendations concerning issues affecting the EM Program at various sites.

Environmental Management Advisory Board
The mission of the Environmental Management Advisory Board is to provide independent and external advice, information, and recommendations to the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM) on corporate issues relating to accelerated site clean-up and risk reduction.