Some of the Project Management Division’s many functions involve developing risk management plans, managing project risks, and providing input on prime contractor performance.

Employees in our Project Management Division address projects’ planning and execution, as specified in DOE Order 413.3B Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets. This order includes responsibilities involving the critical decision process, reporting, and career development and certification.

Overall, the division helps develop acquisition plans, project execution plans, risk management plans and integrated project team charters, and they manage project risks and provide input on prime contractor performance. Additionally, the division prepares technical/costs evaluations, and they help with reporting at monthly and quarterly project reviews. They are also responsible for cost and schedule variance explanations reported to Washington D.C.

Personnel perform their responsibilities through integrated project teams that are under the direction of our three portfolio federal project directors. Staff establish and lead these teams for specific projects and programs. Additionally, our employees manage EM’s capital and operating projects through the planning, execution, and close-out phases to ensure projects are completed safely, and within scope, schedule and cost thresholds. 

Staff ensure projects are aligned with EM program objectives. This includes reviewing scope statements, cost estimates, schedules, and recommends approval to the contracting officer. They also lead preparation for project critical decision documents and coordinate scheduling for the design, construction, and close-out phases. Equally important, employees oversee the approval of significant regulatory milestones. Additionally, the division ensures government and contractor-executed projects are completed in compliance with DOE directives and safety regulations.