Transmission Innovation Symposium: Modernizing the U.S. Power Grid

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On May 19 and May 20, DOE’s Office of Electricity (OE) hosted a Transmission Innovation Symposium focused on Modernizing the U.S. Power Grid. The symposium featured presentations and panel discussions about five DOE-commissioned white papers on transmission R&D priorities. Over 450 individuals registered for the Symposium. Each white paper assessed the current and future challenges facing the U.S critical infrastructure from the perspective of the technologies that will be required to address these challenges and to prepare the industry for the transmission system that will be required in the future.

OE will be relying on the white papers and symposium proceedings to inform its future R&D programs. For more information on OE’s Transmission Reliability and Renewables Integrations research program, please contact Sandra Jenkins at Sandra.Jenkins@Hq.Doe.Gov.

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The white papers and their authors are:

Electricity Transmission System Research and Development: Grid Operations

—Anjan Bose, Washington State University
—Tom Overbye, Texas A&M University

Electricity Transmission System Research and Development: Distribution Integrated with Transmission Operations

—Chen-Ching Liu, Virginia Polytechnic and State University
—Emma M. Stewart, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (formerly of

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Electricity Transmission System Research and Development: Automatic Control Systems

—Jeff Dagle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
—Dave Schoenwald, Sandia National Laboratories 

Electricity Transmission System Research and Development: Hardware and Components

—Chris O’Reilley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Thomas King, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Zhi Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Madhu Chinthavali, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Lingwei Zhan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Travis Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
—Mike Marshall, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Electricity Transmission System Research and Development: Economic Analysis and Planning Tools

—Jessica Lau, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
—Benjamin F. Hobbs, The Johns Hopkins University