Accelerating Pathways towards the Long-Duration Storage Shot

The DOE Energy Storage Grand Challenge launched Storage Innovations 2030 (SI 2030) at the ESGC Summit in September 2022. The objective of SI 2030 is to develop specific and quantifiable RD&D pathways to achieve the targets identified in the Long-Duration Storage Shot, which seeks to achieve 90% cost reductions for technologies that can provide 10 hours or longer duration of energy storage by 2030.

DOE has supported or currently supports over 30 distinct energy storage technologies including electrochemical, electromechanical, thermal, and chemical storage. Many of these energy storage technologies have the potential to enable the Long-Duration Storage Shot targets. Achieving these aggressive targets will require resolution of key barriers throughout value chain, from basic and applied research through analysis, demonstration, manufacturing, and full integration into the power and end-use sectors.

Through Storage Innovations 2030, DOE is seeking to understand the specific innovations required to unlock the potential for long-duration applications in a variety of these technologies. To obtain community input, SI 2030 has launched four thrusts: SI 2030 Flight Paths, SI 2030 Framework, SI 2030 Prize, and SI Liftoff.

Learn more about the SI 2030 stakeholder engagement process.

Long-Duration Storage Shot Technology Strategy Assessments

On July 19, 2023, DOE released a series of technical reports summarizing and analyzing the results from the SI 2030 stakeholder engagement process, including SI Flight Paths and SI Framework, as detailed in the Methodology report. These reports are opportunities to explore promising RD&D pathways to substantially lower the costs of long-duration energy storage.

Learn more about how DOE plans to leverage the strategy developed in SI 2030 with Storage Innovations 2030: Technology Liftoff.